Sunday, June 25, 2006

The Lame-Ass Villain Compendium

Never let it be said that I don't listen to my readers. That's what we're all about here at Dave's Long Box: craven populist boot-licking!

I had some requests/complaints about broken links for some of the Lame-Ass Villain entries, so here is a complete list. Click on the name of the lame-ass villain you would like to read more about!

The Vulture - Old guy + wings = lame.

Anaconda - My nickname in college. Believe it or not, Anaconda is female.

Man-Elephant - My other nickname in college.

Cheetah - Half-man, half-animal -- all pimp.

Turner D. Century - Must be seen to be believed.

Vibro - I can think of 100 better things to do with Vibro's powers than becoming a villain.

Slipknot - 20' of rope and a costume is all you need to become a villain.

Karkas - Despite the picture, he has no opposable thumbs!

Modam - Godamn!

Orca - There be whales here!

The Slug - Somebody else must have given The Slug his villain name.

Unus - That's his name, I didn't make it up.

Master Pandemonium - The original Master P

Dr. Dorcas - Dork-ass? Yes.


corbiscide said...

Hey your forgot captain koma

He's a real lame-ass. So lame Wolverine wouldn't kill him.

Anonymous said...

Captain Koma? Aptly named.

Anonymous said...

Since when is Karkas a villain?

I'm Chalk!

Matt Chaput said...

Dave, always remember, there's no such thing as a stupid character, only stupid writers, stupid stories, stupid comic books, stupid costumes, stupid powers, and stupid characters.


Ragnell said...

Is there going to be a contest for who gets stupidest character of all time?

Anonymous said...

I think I've already clinched that with Captain freakin' Boomerang!

Anonymous said...

I think we'll have to see your 100 better uses for Vibro's powers next.

S Bates said...

Yeah, thanks for reminding me about the Master Bates joke (in the Master Pandy link). Sigh.

That was my nickname at high school...

..erm, because my surname is Bates and being a kid at the time my title would be Master not Mister. Not because of any other reason. Nope. Just thought I'd make that clear. Ahem.

Anonymous said...

Good list. May I also throw Paste-Pot Pete up for consideration?

Anonymous said...

I love the vulture--in the hands of the right writer he's an amazing character study--and that's been done a copule of times for some great comics.

(I'd have to go look them up for which SPidey series & issue#'s

That said the other villains there are lame--especially Turner D Century.

Anonymous said...