Saturday, October 29, 2005

Thank you Space Ghost!

Yesterday on my lunch break I was driving along Alkai Beach here in sunny Seattle and I saw this guy rollerblading along the waterfront in a Space Ghost costume.

Chuffed, I honked my horn and pointed at him and gave him a thumbs-up and yelled "Space Ghost! Space Ghost!" The guy returned my thumbs-up and then kept on rollerblading into the hearts of children everywhere. It made me happy.

So wherever you are Space-Ghost-Rollerblading-Guy, I salute you!


Anonymous said...

That's the most awesome thing I've heard all week.

Anonymous said...

That Space Ghost. He'll do anything Moltar dares him to. That, or he's trying to cash in on the funky-transportation glory of the Silver Surfer, Black Racer, and Dazzler.

Reminds me of the time here in Monterey, during one of our big yearly auto shows, when I stopped at a light and looked to my right to see Burton's Batmobile. Everyone was honking at him and going crazy. And then the driver behind me started playing Elfman's score on his stereo. F@*% Yeah!

Winterteeth said...

Not strictly a superhero, there is a guy out here that always makes me happy (although he is quite probably insane). He goes by the name "DJ Night Train" and gets on board subway trains wearing headphones attatched to nothing at all. He then starts dancing behind and "scratching" on an invisible turn table. He always has a big smile and I always want to hear whatever music is going through his mind. Big city livin' can't be beat.

Anonymous said...

Wait a second....just a little while ago we were all bashing some superheroes for this rather unflattering method of motion. And now suddenly Space Ghost gets a pass? What's up with that?

Anonymous said...

(I had to click my "back" button because I couldn't read my verifivation word. That's a first.)

I know you probably know this, but the critical distinction between Space Ghost and the other previous examples is "intent." In the comic books, Silver Surfer, Dazzler, Skateman, Night Thrasher, and the Black Racer are all operating under the impression that they look dignified and cool and are oblivious to their plight.

A guy dressed in a Space Ghost costume while roller-blading in public clearly understands how goofy and silly it is, and carries on not because he thinks it's cool and will impress someone, but because of the pure joy of the act.

If Neal Adams had created Skateman for comic relief, he's get a free pass, too. But all the other examples take themselves so seriously, they're a lost cause. I mean, I can practically hear the Silver Surfer freakin' pontificating about the loneliness of the universe right now...

Anonymous said...

One can only hope this skating SG "understands how goofy and silly it is". For all we know, this dude was on his daily patrol.

Having said that, I wish St. Louis had a Space Ghost. All we have are Beatle Bob and Father Time. Beatle Bob goes to concerts and bars and mooches drinks. Father Time just stands on the street corner around holidays, waving his flag and waving at motorists....

Anonymous said...

In case you wanted pictures:

Father Time:

Beatle Bob:

David Campbell said...

Beatle Bob looks like my kind of guy. In Seattle we had this guy that we all just called "Conan." He was a big muscle-bound guy that would walk around town with a huge fucking sword strapped to his back. I haven't seen him in years - I hope he got pulled into a time warp by Kulan Gath and is fighting and wenching and drinking.

Professor Xavier said...

So . . Space Ghost is working out of Washington now?

The Icon said...

That. Rocks.

And Grotesqueticle, down here in Brunswick, we have Peaches, the drag who matches your drag queen's description to a T.

He/She gets arrested a lot on prostitution charges.

But' I'd gladly trade Peaches for SPace Ghost on skates any day.

joncormier said...

Up here in Ottawa we have Dr. Mask. He bikes around everywhere, moving his arms like he's jogging and making unbelievably loud bird calls. At first I thought he had one of those penny-whistles attached to his mask but now he's forgone the mask and still making the loud whistling bird call sounds. Ah, the funky Dr. Mask - he invented those spinning classes only he doesn't pansy around on a stationary bike.

Anonymous said...

Washington Space Ghost
DJ Night Train
Turbaned Drag Queen
Rollerblading Zorro
Dr. Mask
Pinkman and War
Father Time
Beatle Bob

...tell me this isn't a roster for some Grant Morrison 40-part journey into madness....

De said...

After a hard day of roller blading, Space Ghost enjoys relaxing in his favorite chair with a plastic cup full of Postum.

Love that Postum.

Anonymous said...

In Seattle we had this guy that we all just called "Conan." He was a big muscle-bound guy that would walk around town with a huge fucking sword strapped to his back. I haven't seen him in years

Conan!! I remember him--he used to practice his sword moves in the Metro bus lot down the street from my house (which is now a Seattle U. playfield). Good times.

~random Seattleite flipping through your blog