Sunday, August 28, 2005


Welcome, dear reader, to Boob War Week here at Dave's Long Box.

A word of caution before we begin: I cannot guaruntee that all the images I post during Boob War Week will be work safe for you. There won't be any nudity, but Boob War Week will explore what happens when scantily clad superheroines rumble. I'm pulling all these images from comics that anybody of any age could purchase, but still: if Amazons in thongs is not the kind of stuff you should be looking at while at work, you may want to check it out at home.

Okay, fair warning.

What is Boob War, you ask? My friend, you are about to find out.


Chris said...

Guess I'll have to wait at least a week for a ROM Spaceknight review!

(Either that, or there are some extremely disturbing ROM comics out there that I didn't know about.)

Bring on the boobies!

James Meeley said...

Dude, if you don't do a review of a Tarot issue, I'll be sadly disappointed. ;)

Anonymous said...

Power Girl! Gotta have Power Girl. I really liked the Geoff Johns thing about how the big front window with her melons squooshing out is where she was going to put a symbol on there like Superman's, but she couldn't think of one. And when I say "liked," I mean "disliked intensely." PG's jugs are hanging out because Wally Wood was a dirty old man. That's it. At least Johns hasn't had her raped. Yet.

naladahc said...

Rom... Starshine... they rocked!

Now Dave... show us your tits!

Anonymous said...

Whoever you're featuring for Boob War Week, I say Orca wins.

Batiduende said...

I have no clue what the rules for Boob-War are (Two boobs go in, only one gets out?) but I choose The Mighty Endowed from Young Justice #1 as my championette.

Harvey Jerkwater said...

Are you including male breasts?




(Not that you should. I just wanted to type "he-hooters.")

Cheesecake in comics irritates the hell out of me. It's hard to feel self-respect as a comic dork when ridiculously-proportioned sex-bomb women cavort across the pages of so many books in a celebration of retarded sexuality and unconscious gender issues.

Mostly, I'm embarrassed when I read JSA or Zatanna. "I'm not in it for the huge boobies! I swear!" Yeah, that sounds convincing.

Le sigh.

Anonymous said...

Yes, there will definitely have to be some Frank Cho art.

Anonymous said...

I don't read Zatanna for the huge boobies. I read it for the fishnet stockings. You can never go wrong with fishnet stockings. Oh, and also that Grant guy is a pretty good writer.

Anonymous said...

I read Birds of Prey also for the fishnet stockings. And that sexy chik Gail can write pretty good too.


Anonymous said...

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