Friday, April 08, 2005

THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #55 Marvel Comics, 1967

A classic.

I cherish my beat-to-shit copy of Amazing Spider-Man#55, which was written by Stan “The Man” Lee with art by John Romita, one of everybody’s favorite Spider-Man artists, myself included.

This is one of Spidey’s early battles with Doc Ock (one can’t help but use Stan Lee nicknames) and also features appearances by the two main women in Spider-Man mythos: Gwen Stacy (blonde) and Mary Jane Watson (redhead.) In this issue, Peter is going out with Gwen Stacy and MJ is thrown in as a hep-cat romantic complication. Little does Peter know within the year Gwen Stacy will be dead dead dead and that he and MJ will get married in the future, boring Spider-Man readers everywhere.

Anyway, this issue is a great example of Marvel Comics in the swingin’ sixties, and the art holds up. Careful, though! This comic is older than I am and it’s falling to pieces.