Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Previous X-Posts

I'm cheating today and am just putting up links to old posts that are related in some way to The X-Men.

I'm lazy like that.

Obnoxio the Clown - Scarier than The Brood - Obnoxio is a clown whose mutant power seems to be making everything he does unfunny. Watch in disbelief as he flabbergasts The X-Men and insults your frontal lobe.

New Mutants #18 - Spooky demon bear? Bill Sienkiewicz art? Sign me up, brother.

The Sentinel Bra - Just what it sounds like.

New Mutants #40 - Magneto vs. The Avengers - WHO YA GOT?! My money is on the guy who can move the North Pole.

New Mutants Annual #3 - Warlock vs the Impossible Man = Hilarity.

Star Trek / X-Men - Spock break dances in this.

Colossus #1 - I'm really interested in buying a boat. Nothing fancy, I just want a 14'-16' aluminum boat with an outboard so I can tool around the Sound with my girls. I live on a frickin' island - I should have a boat. I want a boat.

The Uncanny X-Men and the New Teen Titans - It's a star-crossed 80's supergroup team up! I just messed my drawers!

The X-Men #32 - Holy crap, the X-Men were chatty back in the day!

X-Men: Phoenix – Legacy of Fire - I felt dirty after reading this.

X-Men Unlimited #5 - I guess the suits thought the costumes in this comic were a little too skimpy, so they did a little post-production work. A classic example of the "de-nudifying effect."

Wolverine & Captain America #1 - Forge and Warbird appears - quality does not.


Anonymous said...

your new mutants #18 link is broken

J'onn J'onzz, Martian Manhunter said...

Was the X-Men issue w/ Juggernaut part tow or one of the two parter? I read part one and have been trying to get around to reading part two for some time and may do it just so the comic isn't spoiled by your review.

Anonymous said...

the link for colosus doesn't work, and no i'm not an idiot, dave just fixed the link.

just a voice (ann arbor)

call me jack... said...

in regards to your post, in the Avengers I read last month Carol Danvers had gone back to "Ms. Marvel"

call me jack... said...

I... don't know how that link ate my entire post, but whatever.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Re: Uncanny X-Men and the New Teen Titans

After reading your post, I will have to dig out this comic and reread it (it's been nearly 20 years).

Two moments have stuck with me through two decades:

1. Starfire going apeshit all over Beast Boy because his turning into a green bird (like she hasn't seen that a hundred times before) sends her into a "phoenix reaction frenzy." This section of the book is as contrived, forced and melodramatic as anything Claremont has written at his worst, and was so flat-out stupid it almost made me close the book right then; and

2. The climax where Phoenix turns on Darkseid -- which made me very glad I didn't.

Keep blogging, brother! I check in every day, and it's always worth the visit.

dwinn said...

It's like the Dave's Long Box Clip Show, but it's still Airwolf!

Angry Android said...

I've already read those blog posts, Dave! I really hope you give us a new X-Men post soon.

Anonymous said...

Been reading your blog for months now, it's great stuff man. I literally laugh out loud when reading your commentary, and when it happens at work, well, not so good. But oh well. Read some of your current re-posts, and the note on the last one (Capt. A & Wolvie) about Ms. Marvel being a better name than Warbird is one I can get behind. Ms. Marvel (as we'll call her) is starting to show up a bunch in New Avengers. Frank Cho made a couple guest artist appearances and, not surprisingly, did some awesome boob-war stuff with her! Seriously, her "energy-absorbing" ability was put to the test recently by Klaw, as in being continually blasted right in the cans. I was quite surprised by the total lack of subtlety with how it was handled! Loved it! Check it out!


Dweeze said...

Can I just link to comments I may have made on the other posts?

Anonymous said...

Speaking of past posts, did you know that El Diablo just showed up in Villains United Special this week? Of course, after coming out of retirement he immediatley got killed off, but at least he got to die in a good story, which is more than you can say for, well, pretty much everyone who got crushed by the Unstoppable DC Crossover Juggernaut.

corbiscide said...

I've just used 'Airwolf' the adjective in my western serial.
Check it out.
X-men talk alot
Fight alot
Cry alot
Cost alot
and some how we still care.

Anonymous said...

For the No-Prize:

Since the Dark Phoenix in the Teen Titans/X-Men crossover was formed using the X-Men's memories of their fallen comrade, naturally it'd be shaped by their perceptions of her - and I think they all agree, she went pretty dark toward the end.

Bully said...

It's not a real X-Men Week clip show without your usual cartoon banner of Cyclops at the bottom declaring "Hey gang! Remember when we had those wacky adventures...?"

Edward Liu said...

Hey, in the X-Men/Teen Titans post, you said you'd start talking like Darkseid does in that comic. I think that last sentence should have read, "I, Dave Capmbell, have just messed my drawers!"

zailo said...

After X-Men week (extened dance mix?), how about a Barry Windsor Smith week? It's not like the guy hasn't put out enough airwolf material. BTW in comics BWS can stand for "Barry Windsor Smith" or "Black With Stars" a background shorthand. Pardon me, a B/G horthand.

Anonymous said...

You should so totally do that Mrs. Marvel vs. Warbird post. The masses demand it!

Gail Simone said...

El Diablo was ABOUT to be killed off, but he ain't dead yet!


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