Saturday, March 25, 2006

A cheap gag


Harvey Jerkwater said...

Cheap gag? Hardly.

"Your mom" jokes are always satisfying dirty fun, worthy of doing.

Like your mom.

naladahc said...


I need to answer more questions with "Your Mom!" in my day-to-day life.

Anonymous said...


You need to give back Dr. Doom's time-platform.

I see that you went into the FUTURE to Saturday the 25th to post this little gag-strip.

See? THAT's why mere-mortals aren't allowed to play with the really COOL toys.

It always boils down to a "your mom" joke.

Why do you think Benjamin Franklin was trying to harness electricity?
Because he was desperately trying to power HIS own time-platform in order get back at ME for when I and Nikola Tesla went back in time and pulled a "yo mamma" joke on HIM.

And even THAT could have been avoided if Ben hadn't come to the FUTURE to pull a "your maternal parent" gag on ME at a time BEFORE I went back in time to pull it on HIM!

Lucky for me Tesla popped into my time to see if he could get HIS time-platform fixed (at a Midas of all places) when it kept slipping outta gear.

Time travel is a messy business. was worth it.
We laughed and laughed.
Ahhh. good times.


word verification:

onomatopoeia of the time-platform slipping out of gear.

Dweeze said...

Captain America would never say "Your mom."

He would say "Your mother."

NiolK said...

Dave, Harvey Jerkwater and dweeze: You motherfuckers all crack me up.

Eh....Just like your moms?

Anonymous said...

That's, "Sir, your mom, sir."

Anonymous said...

OOOOH!! DAMN!! Take that, you arsonist dirty cop crybaby! Cap just snapped on your mom! Now you know how bad you suck! Live with that!

Health Incognito said...


Thank god I'd finished my cola.

James Plumb said...

Why are cheap jokes always the best?

Good value for money?

Anonymous said...

had I the time, energy, inclination, scanning equipment, and a black hole at the center of my heart that needed an urgent filling, I'd create one of those snarky mocky comics websites, and I'd clip out old panels, and I'd make them ALL mom jokes.

were someone else to take up this worthy endeavor, I would read it every freaking day.

that was awesome.

Anonymous said...

Good value for money?

Just like... your mom.

That was seriously low-hanging fruit.

Word verification: brbznq
Be right back, taking Zanex and NyQuil.

Anonymous said...

Word verification: brbznq
Be right back, taking Zanex and NyQuil.

Except that it's spelled "Xanax". Zoloft and NyQuil, then.

God damn it. That didn't work.

Just like your mom.

Frank said...

Dave- Take a look at this image and let me know what you think.

jzuarzdd- a servitor of the jaguar/lizard god.

Michael Fountain: Blood for Ink said...

Let's get off the subject of mothers, 'cause I just got off of yours.

word verification: iwhimyw
the sound of JM Barrie's coffee grinder

Mister Sinister said...

Cap meant it! The flag is like a mother to us all!
Flag-Smasher was a badass villain!
He owned a secret organization & a small country in Asia!
His name just sucks!
Exclamation Point!



The sound of Cap's shield busting through the windshield of a police car & then hitting the man in the head, concussing him

Britton said...

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