Thursday, February 16, 2006

The Ethics of Pimping (aka BUY PURE HERO STUFF!)

I’m not sure what the accepted norm is regarding comic bloggers and swag.

On the rare occasion I get stuff in the mail from people with the hopes that I will plug their book or whatnot. If the comic feels like something I wouldn’t normally read or post about, I won’t mention it. It would look strange if all of a sudden I posted a rave review about the latest manga teen romance comic, wouldn’t it?

But what if I get something that I honestly like? Am I a sell-out if I pimp a comic or product that was sent to me that I actually enjoy? I mean, it’s not like I’m making any money off of Dave’s Long Box, nor have I proclaimed any journalistic or objective critical standards. I don’t know, does pimping make me a sell-out? Comments, please.

I guess my rule of thumb is that I will pimp something that I actually would use or enjoy. For instance, I have no trouble steering folks to Big Monkey Comics because I like Scipio and Devon and I think they have a pimp-worthy enterprise. I also have no trouble pimping Pure Hero Performance Apparel because they sent me a kick-ass shirt that I actually will wear.

Rob at Pure Hero is a swell guy; we’ve corresponded a few times via email. Recently Rob sent me a cool Fantastic Four shirt that I honestly love. It’s high quality, made of this cool shiny material, and it’s got a big old-school FF logo right there on the front. I wore it just the other night to go pick up some diapers and Cherry Garcia ice cream and I didn’t feel like a nerd, I felt kind of cool. And I’m like, an adult.

So there you go: I heartily endorse Pure Hero, who have just started up and are producing tees and cycling jerseys and whatnot with licensed Marvel character logos. They do not suck. Go visit them. I also heartily endorse Ben & Jerry's Cherry Garcia ice cream, which is crazy delicious.

There: I pimped from the heart and I don’t feel dirty.
Next: I try linkblogging, and link to a bunch of shit you've seen already.


Anonymous said...

Man, there's no such thing as "selling out." That's just a way for losers to try to tell other people what to do. Take all the free shit you want, and write about it or don't. Nobody's business but yours.

There's also no such thing as journlistic ethics, truth in advertising, or higher powers.

Tom T. Hall laid it down when he sang "Faster horses, younger women, and MORE MONEY!"

And fuck the PO-LEES!

Anonymous said...

Actually, that post came from "Todd-el." I accidentally entered my verification word as my name.

But my new verification word is

"Tuats." Mmm. My favorite.

Edward Liu said...

I think there's nothing wrong with your approach to pimping, especially since people who'd come here to read your stuff will keep coming back because of similar tastes, so as long as you don't overdo it and holy crap I just clicked over to Pure Hero and their cheap shirts are $35?

I understand about the space-age lightweight wicking material and all that stuff, and maybe $75 for a cycling jersey isn't so bad, but I do believe the wife would kill me dead if I spent that much money on a shirt that had a superhero logo on it.

Anonymous said...

Cherry Garcia is oneof the secrets to life. It is airwolf.

My wife uses it whenever she had to tell me bad news. If I come home and there's some Cherry Garica waiting for me in the freezer I know I'm in trouble.

Anonymous said...

As long as you only pimp stuff you really like, what's the harm?

BTW, I got a Punisher shirt from those guys that I like, so there. But I'm an anonymous poster, I could be a PureHero plant or even YOU, Dave, posting anonymously! Admit it, you own Purehero and this whole blog has just been one huge viral marketing campaign building towards this one post!

Anonymous said...

People judging other people's motives for the enthusiasm they have makes my penis soft, as Dave Chapelle says. Say I enthuse that Adam Beechen and Manny Bello's upcoming DUGOUT is the best comic money will allow you to buy... is that suspect, because Mimi and I are publishing it? I say, no, because IT IS TRUE. If I say Bruce Jones and Bart Sears' WARLORD is awesome and so good none of us are worthy of reading its wonder, is that LESS suspect, because Mimi and I are not publishing it? I still say no, because that, too, IS ALSO TRUE.

My enthusiasm for both projects is equal.

People don't know anything about what you think, and they will all moan no matter how you present it. So I demand you are enthusiastic about the things that make you enthused and don't worry about what anyone else says. MORE DAVE, please.


Anonymous said...

Edward Liu sez...

I understand about the space-age lightweight wicking material and all that stuff, and maybe $75 for a cycling jersey isn't so bad

It actually isn't. That's about in the neighborhood that you'll pay for any decent cycling jersey.

I ordered one of Pure Hero's Captain America cycling jerseys so I could feel all heroic and iconic and what-not while training on my bike. I can vouch for their quality. It's a nice, lightweight jersey, and it looks pretty darned slick.

And believe me, when you're riding for eight hours and 100 miles, 75 bones is a small price to pay for upper-body comfort.

So I say pimp away!

zailo said...

Look, am I judging you for pimping out others' merchandise? No I am just saying that you are a bad person. Or not. Get as much as you can. By the way, which one is Pink?

Anonymous said...

Does the shirt make you look like a lady? Dude?

Anonymous said...

So I guess DUD LOOKS LIKE A LADY Week is over?

Anonymous said...

I think if they wrap their free stuff in $20 bills you should tell us. Otherwise, pimp on!
How bad can one feel buying something because some guy on the internet told them to? If Dave says "Buy MangaKitties" we consumers have to evaluate whether this is the Real Dave posting or his undead zombie clone.

Anonymous said...

You should set up a cafepress site of totally Airwolf Airwolf goods.

Also, if you still have the pieces you used to make your Airwolf postcards, you should make those available in a template so people can make their own messages.

Anonymous said...

I think the rule is to let people know you got free stuff when you make the review. Then we can judge for ourselves if your opinion is honest. (I think we all trust you Dave).

Non-disclosure can make the reviews look suspicious.

Milo George said...

I can't imagine any longtime blog-reader in his right mind buying something pimped on a comics blog these days; even the greenest newbie only has to buy a few works-of-genius on a blogger's recommendation -- only to receive a few bills-of-goods instead -- to realize that most bloggers' hearts & minds can be won with a box of comps.

Not you, Dave, of course -- you and your long box are totally Airwolf. Just clearly mention upfront that you got whatever it is that you're about to hype for free. It's the ethical thing to do and you have nothing to hide, plus people won't think you'd actually spend, say, $35 on a stupid T-shirt.

yours in christ,
-- milo

Anonymous said...

Pimp away, Dave.

Jay said...

It's definitely not selling out. Like you said you make no cash off of this.

Carlos Torres said...

Pimp what you like and let the viewers form their own opinions.

Anonymous said...

sell the fuck out brother man! i loved free shit back in the day when i had a job that allowed me to get it. hell, even at my current job, i get unduly excited over shitty xmas gift baskets. free shit=TEH AIRWOLF.

Scipio said...

"does pimping make me a sell-out?"

To answer this question, I seek wisdom (as I often do) in the oeuvre of the musical artist "Stevie V", who admonishes us:

"Sell yourself or you'll be sold
for a nickel not a bag of gold."

Words to live by, my friend.

Kristin said...

In the late 80s-early 90s, one could go to certain convenience stores in central and northern Vermont and purchase Ben and Jerry's seconds for approx. $1. These were pints that were somehow sub-par, often containing too many chunks.
As I gracefully grow older, I try not to romanticize days of yore, but damn! Them was good times.

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