Thursday, May 05, 2005

The Mark V Ewok Crusher

I had a link to this in a post on my geek fiction blog (here), but nobody reads that blog so I thought I'd share the joy over here.

Check this out: The Plustech walking forest machine, which is made by a John Deere R&D subsidiary in Finland. Is that the coolest thing ever? Yes. Yes, it is. With technology like this, I give it twenty years, tops, before we have full-on military spider tanks!

Go visit Plustech's site, and watch the video of this thing in action - you'll dig it if you're a geek like me. And I know you are.


Hate Filled Poster said...

That's bad ass! I want one.

Tom the Dog said...

I've never checked out your other blog. I clicked over there today, and I've been reading it for about an hour now. I love it. I'm going to be very disappointed when I get through all the archives.

Dammit, first Hulk's Diary and now this. Why can't I have these ideas first??

David Campbell said...

Hey, thanks a lot Tom!

I'm hoping to transfer all the Velvet Marauder posts over to a website soon, so it will be easier to read.

Hulk's Diary rules. That's totally one of those things that I wish I had thought of first.

The other kick-ass "in character" blog is Latigo Flint. He's the best.

Anonymous said...

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