Tuesday, February 06, 2007


Crap! This came out while I was on my little blogging hiatus. The Official Handbook of the Invincible Universe #2 is the second of two issues that offer a near-complete guide to the heavy hitters and bit players in Robert Kirkman's excellent Image comic Invincible. It's a loving tip of the hat to the old Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe that the late great Mark Gruenwald used to put out back in the day.
Editor/artist/ninja master Dusty Abell gathered a formidable roster of talent to write and illustrate the Invincible Handbooks, including yours truly Dave Campbell. I wrote the biographic info for 17 (I think) entries in this issue, including my favorites Science Dog, Shrinking Ray, and my man Rex Splode. Dusty's great coup was enlisting Elliot R Brown's technical support for this project. Brown was the guy who did all the technical drawings for the Marvel handbooks and is a geek genius. He worked out the science of the Invincible universe and how superpowers work, and he did a kick-ass cross section of Robot's sky cycle. That alone makes it worth getting in my book.
Anyway, it came out a couple of weeks ago and you could probably find a copy if you really loved me.


Mechamage said...

Yeah, I found a copy all right... in my latest DCP pack. Does that count as love too?

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Image (or Darkhorse, woot woot NW love) does NOT get enough love.

They really deserve more of it. Are my girlfriend and I the ONLY people on the planet who thought The Maxx was awesome? Anyone? This is going to make an EXCELLENT Valentine's gift. Hot cocoa and delicious nerd overexposure!

Thanks for the heads up, Mr. Campbell!

Anonymous said...

I will have to get that, the first one was awesome. I am not an Image plant or Dave writing anonymously to create the illusion of interest. No, really.

Doubleface said...

I bought it already, so quit bothering me about it.

In all fairness, I can't read it for at least another 2 TPB's in fear of the mighty spoiler :(

Nimbus said...

Wait! Number 2 of two issues? That's it?!? But... but the cover says this includes letters K - W. What about X, Y and the wonderful Z?

West said...

Yeah, I picked up a couple of copies, already. (After I read the covers off the first one, I don't wanna hafta work too hard to track down a replacement.)

Nimbus makes a good point about X, Y, and Z.

David Campbell said...

The letters X Y and Z do not exist in the Invincible universe.

Colin said...

Will they be combined into one book? I'd be more inclined to get it then.

Anonymous said...

Dave's entries in the issue can be easily identified by the liberal use of "wicked awesome" and "oh no I di-unt!" throughout.

Vincent Dacak said...

Rex Splode? That name is mad sweet!

dudelance said...

I was just looking through my old copies of the marvel universe handbooks. I loved how each issue's back covers connected with the previous months covers.

I'll have to put this one on my pullist.

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