Sunday, January 21, 2007

How I want Civil War to end:

Reed Richards and Iron Man: keep them
away from the podium!

(Original art by Ron Lim from The Infinity War #2, which turned out to be an apt title, no?)


Solario said...

Oh how I want this to be true. Skrulls? Space Phantoms? MYSTERIO!

Chris said...


Tim Easy said...

omg Strong Guy LOL
by the way, congratulations Dave, your blog won a recent "Favorite Blog?" poll amongst members of our Easytown Radio staff, and Dave's Long Box will recieve exposure on our next episode!

Cheers, mate! Keep up the excellent work!


Anonymous said...

If Marvel really wants to see how you do an epic mega-crossover book, they need to pull out old issues of Deathmate. Red's my fave!

After thumbing through issue 6, odds are even that Doc Strange makes the world forget about Spidey's revelation.

ignatiusmonkey said...

The doppelgangers ae back! The doppelgangers are back!

I've officially dropped Civil War. I don't care how it ends.

Anonymous said...

It's the only way it CAN end, right?

Crowded House said...

So...the Magus is controlling both of them? That would explain the nigh-unreadability, but where will they fit in Adam Warlock? And more importanyly does this mean we get to see Thanos deliver a smackdown to everyone who was involved in this mess? Now that might actually be worth reading.

West said...

Good one.

Also,... I see I'm not the only one who got that tpb.


Oh, you got that scan online? Nevermind. :(

LurkerWithout said...

Sorry Crowded House, but Thanos is kind of well deceased. Again. Not that has ever stopped him from being bad ass before...

Are Forge and Havok even still around post Decimation?

Bully said...

Thanos was alive and well as of a handful of She-Hulk issues ago.

The way I want to see Civil War end is The Impossible Man popping in and crying "You're ruining everything!" And he pops the Marvel Universe back to 1968.

Not really. But it'd be fun for a while.

Anonymous said...

The real question is whether we are going to have to hear about the Civil War for the next 150 years from the losers and their families? Will Reed Richards' grandson be drinking whiskey and telling teary eyed versions of "Captain America's March on Atlanta" and how they would have won if the winners hadn't fought so dirty?

Anonymous said...

Here's the brief version of how I see Civil War ending: Reed sees the error in his ways and calls Iron Man a dick, someone makes a crack about his "shell head," and everyone walks away like nothing happens.

Also, Captain America doesn't die.

Anonymous said...

You mean Civil War HASN'T ended yet? Jeezus....

Would anybody cry if Marvel just made an announcement:"We're sorry, nevermind, everything's going back to where it was before, let's all just act like it never even started..."?

Anonymous said...

You mean Civil War HASN'T ended yet? Jeezus....

Would anybody cry if Marvel just made an announcement:"We're sorry, nevermind, everything's going back to where it was before, let's all just act like it never even started..."?

THAT'S how I want Civil War to end!

ghostman said...

That bottom panel is like Reed Richards doing his impersonation of Bill the Cat. Which would indeed be a way cooler ending than Civil War will actually have.

Anonymous said...

End Civil War now! I am tired of those damn, ugly covers. Could someone do another variant cover? (sarcasm)

Anonymous said...


Now THAT'S a campaign vehicle!

Anonymous said...

The best part of Infintiy War was seeing the warped doppelgangers of the heroes that kept popping up, but even that got old after a while. The other good part was the battle royale that took place between the "Space Team" (aka powerful and popular) heroes and Thanos with Warlock and his Infinity Watch. Lots of butt gets kicked. Then the other big battle, with all the leftover heroes who were left on Earth fighting an army of doppelgangers. I remember the visceral thrill of seeing Beast, Gambit, Puck, Multiple Man, Daredevil, and Moon Knight punch out doppelgangers side-by-side. I don't remember how the story ended, or really what it was about in general, which says a lot about how incoherent that story actually was.

Dave, I think you need to do a play-by-play of 'Infintiy Crusade'...the opportunities for humor are surely there.

arizonateach said...

I'm with Dingleberry. Civil War should end the same way Sonic Disruptors did.

jeremiah said...

I think my favorite thing about that top panel is how, judging by their feet, the heroes are all standing *incredibly* closely to one another. Yikes, guys, mind the personal space, huh?

Anonymous said...

NextWave: Agents of H.A.T.E. had the funniest Civil War cover. Actually, NextWave is just pretty damn funny overall.

Tim O'Neil said...

Thanos will likely stay dead until Jim Starlin comes back to Marvel, which, based on the circumstances of his last departure, could be a while.

Unless Keith Giffen already has an idea for his resurrection, which is possible.

Anonymous said...

Hey I own that issue! LOL I'm not too sure what the hell is going on with Civil War, well the specifics anyway. But according to my brother it sucks. And what he's told me I have to agree. Makes me wonder how some people get work.


Carla said...

I'll buy the variant cover.

Anonymous said...

Infinity War was not incoherent by any means... it's just that after issue four it became decreasingly relevent to the average fan. It went from focusing on the regular and great Marvel super-heores fighting evil dopplegangers to focusing...

When the series shifted the primary focus from A-list and B-list characters Thanos, the Infinity Watch, and the Jim Starlin Squadron, then it became harder to care and harder to remember.

Except issue five had Dr. Doom and Kang kick Magus's crappy ass and THEN..... what was a race between Kang and Doom on who betray whom first endede with Kang winning and Doom killing him for the trouble.

Then Doom whupped on the Magus, and just as Victor was about to reap the spoils of war, the All-Powerful MacGuffin in the Magus's hand suddenly activated, screwing Doom.

Anonymous said...

and Deathmate wasn't a megacrossover. It was an Event to be sure, but it only involved one character from the Image Universe, and one character from the Valiant Universe (the second of two Solars), basically two characters from either canon, and the Event itself, the story that took place in the four colors of Deathmate all occurred in a parallel universe whose fate never crossed over into the other non-Deathmate titles in either company.

The original Unity event from Valiant Comics, on the other hand, was a ripping good yarn that demonstrated masterful mechanics within a crossover.

Bully said...

Wait a the heck does Daredevil throw his billy club lengthwise?!?

Anonymous said...

Same way I throw a stick for a dog.

Who says you have to throw a billy club like a spear?

Well, what do you mean by "throwing lengthwise"?

Woody! said...

I miss Ron Lim.

Anonymous said...

Happy Ending:

Iron Man kills or takes into custody the entirety of Captain America's little gang of anarcho-fascists, Cap kills himself, and we go about forgetting this vicious little piece of nastiness ever happened.

call me jack... said...

who's the guy with wolvie hair behind DD?

I like Civil War so far, but I only get to read the issues every few months when I come home so I'm not bothered by the wait between issues.

Anonymous said...

Only a dirty communist would throw a billy club length wise.

Oh, and would you look at DD's colour choice. You know what? I don't think he's even blind!

Look! He's inciting dissension in the ranks! That dirty red devil is working for the Ruskis!


chad sexington said...

call me jack... said...
who's the guy with wolvie hair behind DD?

Probably the Beast, back when he looked like the Beast, and not that sort of bearish/lionish/whatever (depending on the artist) thing he's been in recent years.

Jack said...

Dave, you pinko commie.

Everybody knows that Iron Man is gonna soil all over Cap and those other loser has-beens.

In the end Stretcho is gonna pull Doc Strange outta his ass right where he's had him pocketed for forever and push a whoop nugget from infinity right up the bad-side of the good end of those feckless, ballet-dancing, spandex raked, libbie free-lovers.

That'll be something that you can't fix with a SHIELD SURGE.


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