Monday, January 01, 2007

2007 - It is ON

Well, that was an interesting year.

2006 was the Year of No Sleep here at Dave's Long Box. Maybe the Year of No Posts would be a better title. We welcomed a new addition to the Campbell Clan, baby Mira, who is now walking and climbing and eating and pointing/grunting and occasionally screaming bloody murder. Mira is a handful on her own, but when you combine her with my 4-year old daughter Ava Justice, you have a perfect storm of cuteness. Often this year I was forced to make a decision between blogging and kids or between blogging and sleep. Blogging often lost.

2006 also brought massive upheaval and an increased workload at The Day Job, which sucked, and lots of writing gigs on the side, including The Invincible Handbook of the Invincible Universe from Image Comics. The second issue of the Handbook should be on sale this week and it is rad so go buy it.

What else? I won't bother recapping the trends and events in the Comics Universe this year; that's no what we're all about here and besides, other people do it much better than I. I also won't bother recapping the highlights of the blog this year; I'll wait until my 2nd Blogiversary in March to revisit Sentinel Bras and french-kissing bears and the like.

Do you like my fancy new banner? It's red. Motherfuckin' Kevin Church designed that bad boy.

You know what the best part about 2006 was for me? Aside from the birth of my daughter. The best part about the whole blog thingy? I liked seeing my fellow bloggers and geeks experiencing some success and producing some great stuff. I feel like I'm on the 2nd floor of an elevator ride to Radness, and I have a lot of company in the car.

Except for Chris Sims. I will bury you this year, Sims.


Anonymous said...

That hat & vest go surprisingly well with the plaid shirt.

It's what all the fashionable cattle rustlers'r wearin' in aught-7.

Anonymous said...

Right- you don't know me. Just some guy from Portland who checks out your site every freaking day to see what hi-larious stuff you've posted. Your website, along with some others, gets me through my day at my miserable day job.

Keep up the good work. Happy New Year. Congratulations on the birth of your daughter(but don't let her interfere with the posting).


Tegan O'Neil said...

Experiencing some success? Wha...? Did I miss a memo or something?

Anonymous said...

Your daughter's real middle name is Justice? That is awesome.

Congrats on the hilarious blog, the job, the writing gigs and the family. You are a blessed man, and I mean that in all sincerity. I hope you realize how blessed you are.

David Campbell said...

"Justice is my middle name."

I just want her to be able to say that.

Tim, don't you get your monthly comic blogger checks? It's like the oil dividend checks Alaskans get every year.

Thanks everybody!

captain koma said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
captain koma said...


Hope next year is as AIRWOLF as the last.


Koma win AMR3

Anonymous said...

I didn't get a check, either. And I specifically wrote a post about Silverblade #1 to cash in on all the comics blogging dollars floating around the internet.


Keep up the good work, Dave. You keep me laughing in an otherwise joyless corporate prison.

SallyP said...

Dave, you are a lucky man. Crazy as a loon, but lucky.

Edward Liu said...

"Justice is my middle name."

I just want her to be able to say that.

And Mrs. Dave WENT ALONG with this? Wow. That's wildly cool.

Happy New Year and looking forward to Blog War: DLB vs. ISB.

S Bates said...

So what's Mira's middle name? Vengeance?

Happy New Year, Dave!

gorjus said...

I love the new logo--but--


And there's no "Invincible Super" in "Longbox."

Anonymous said...


The difference being, C vs. S will actually be good.

Anonymous said...

Is that Lone Wolf McQuade in that picture?

The "Justice is my middle name" bit is totally Airwolf. If there's ever a ghostman, jr., he'll definitely go for girls with middle names like that. And strippers.

Anonymous said...

I think Campbell and Sims should fight Fist of the North Star style.

The winner, of course, battles Kevin Church for the soul of Mila Kunis.

Anonymous said...

If I was going to do battle for a part of Mila Kunis, her soul isn't the first thing that springs to mind. Hell, it doesn't even make the Top Ten.

Anonymous said...

You're right, Chad. I'd totally take her brains or her personality first!

verification word: xqliiifb
one of the cantina aliens in A New Hope.

Blair Corbett said...

Unfortunately, I don't have anything incredibly witty to say here, but I did want to say thanks for an awesome, entertaining blog, and I hope to enjoy it as much in the future as I have this year.