Thursday, February 16, 2006

Linkblogging for beginners

Wherein Dave tries his hand at the grown-up game of linkblogging and shows you a bunch of stuff you have probably already seen already. I'm notoriously behind-the-curve on shit like this - to date I have never been able to show Kevin Church at anything new on the Internet.

Dave: "Hey, Kevin - check THIS out! It's hilarious dude!"

Kevin: "Seen it."

Dave: "But what about
THIS? So funny!"

Kevin: "Stop emailing me or I will get a restraining order."

So here we go:

Midget cock-punching terrorists - a very real threat to national security.

A huge underwater explosion - just what it sounds like.

Cloud Starchaser's Heroic Destiny Squad - a real superhero. Really unmedicated, that is. But more power to him.

Chuck Austen defends himself Part One and Part Two - at CBR. I know, you've seen it. Sue me.

Klingons for Christ - P'Taak!

Panexa - the pill for anything.

Portraits that will make you gasp in horror - now that's a lot of make-up.

What Should I Put On The Fence - random stuff chained to fence in London.

Killer Japanese Seizure Robots - epileptic much? Then don't look.

Alkulukuja Paskova Karhu, the prime number shitting bear - just what it sounds like.

Harajuku girls (and boys) - costumed weirdness in Tokyo.

Antonio Banderas: He Blogs For You - I loves the Antonio.

There, that wasn't so bad was it?


Bruno said...

Re: Those portraits.

Man, they look like Greg Land draws.

Patrick said...

Man, more real-life superheroes? These guys are just cropping up all over the place. Here's the running tally that I know of:

-These new guys Dave mentioned
-Doctor Discord and his Justice Society of Justice
-Captain Jackson and his sidekicks
-Angle-Grinder Man

Any others?

Kevin Church said...

Campbell, I'm bored. Tell me what plaything you offer me today.

arizonateach said...

Powerful tiny fists...

adrian said...

Why does our universe only get superheroes who suck? I'm moving to Earth-2 as soon as possible.

Benari said...

Here's another thing you may have seen on the internets: it's the funniest video ever.

David Cutler said...

I hadn't seen that portrait page--good god. How can they stay in business? It's like the Stepford Wives, only actually scary.

David Cutler said...

Patrick--Terrifica? Polar Man? Where was I?

Martin Wisse said...

From wikipedia (what would we do without you?):

Terrifica is the name of a real life superhero in New York City. Terrifica, whose real name is Sarah, patrols bars, clubs and parties in an effort to protect women who have had too much to drink and are in danger of being taken advantage of by men. She has been featured on NPR's Wait Wait... Don't Tell Me! radio program. She does not have any superhuman powers or traits.


Since the mid 1990s Terrifica has donned her trademark golden mask, Valkyrie bra, blond wig, red boots and cape to "protect the single girl living in the big city". Her costume acts as a distraction to the men she tries to dissuade from seducing drunk young women. Along with her costume, she carries a utility belt containing a cell phone, lipstick, a camera to photograph alleged predators, a journal, Terrifica fortune cards and Smarties for energy.

Sarah (to whom Terrifica refers in the third person) first adopted the persona of Terrifica after moving to New York from Pittsburgh. Before she moved, she broke up with her boyfriend, which left her heartbroken. After moving to New York, she created Terrifica to help deal with her feelings of vulnerability, anxiety and loneliness. Eventually, Terrifica became more than a therapeutic device when she started protecting other women she saw in vulnerable positions.

Arch enemy

As is often the case with comic book superheroes, Terrifica has an arch-nemesis: Fantastico. Fantastico is a man who has encountered Terrifica on multiple occasions, who dresses in velvet and says that he likes to indulge in pleasurable things and to bring out the pleasure in people. In his encounters with Terrifica, she has never addressed him directly, but rather warns his alleged prey not to be manipulated. It is unclear who Fantastico is through the day, when not pretending to be a supervillain.

Despite Terrifica never addressing Fantastico directly, her alter ego Sarah has. In fact, Sarah claims to have been seduced by him years ago. Sarah has confronted him since but Fantastico claims to have no recollection of their initial encounter.

Fantastico has said that Terrifica is just a miserable, lonely, loveless, cold woman who does not want anyone else to be happy. He is confident that if given a chance, he could change her attitude. Fantastico has said that Terrifica has only been an occasional annoyance to him and that "I have no problem doing what I do."

Antonio Banderas, The Handsomest Man Alive said...

Thank you, David Campbell, for letting the world know that Antonio is blogging on the internet.

Dan Coyle said...

I liked Warren Ellis' name for Terrifica's archnemesis: Go On F--- Him Woman.

Antonio, your blog, it is magnificent!

zailo said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
zailo said...

Unfortunately, you may not be surprised to hear that I have met a few people who honestly believe that posting links to other sites (as opposed to original material) is what blogs are supposed to be used for.
To those I say go "have sex only for reproduction" yourselves.

"sqifkft" what a duck with tourettes might say

Donald Fuckin Duck said...


Anonymous said...

I've never honestly seen any of that!

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