Monday, November 19, 2007

Not cool: Stomach flu

My apologies for the lack of posting - this time my entire family and everyone withing 50 meters of our house fell prey to some sort of hideous stomach flu nanovirus.

Seriously, the shit was nasty.

It started with my wee little toddler and then spread from there. Soon everyone was violently puking, including Trixie the dog, Po the cat, and General Chang the goldfish. You ever seen a goldfish vomit? Oh. Well, me too.

Anyway, now I'm back and - brace yourself - I am actually planning on doing a post about a comic book! I know, pretty wild stuff for a blog that is supposed to be about reviewing my old comic books. What can I say, sometimes it's hard to muster up the moral energy and courage needed to eviscerate a twenty year old issue of X-Men. Sometimes I just want to post about other crap and totally alienate my dwindling readership. Meanwhile, hungry young turks are out there beating me at the game! Of course, if the hungry young turk in question ever kisses a girl, I suspect his productivity will drop drastically.

OK, the puking and ass stuff are over! Now it is time to blog!

By the way, the stomach virus and me plunging my hand into a public toilet recently are completely unrelated events. Really.


De said...

Personally, I vote for more poo-related posts.

Anonymous said...

Yet your poo related post got 90 comments - more than the last three put together! That should tell you something...if I can only think what.
Oh, and the comment count includes Crimson Plague - which I thought actually looked pretty cool. But maybe that's just me...

Adam said...

yay! hazmat playmobil!

glad to hear you're feeling better dave.

you take requests? ever done any el diablo?

acespot said...

Are you SURE the incidents are COMPLETELY unrelated?

Have you bought an Mp3 player yet? They can be found for as low as $10, you know...much cheaper than a discman - should you ever feel the urge to go poo diving again.

Anonymous said...

as jonhendry would say "it was the Tom Jones"

Anonymous said...

It ALWAYS starts with the baby.

When an infant gets ill they somehow transform into fleshy sprinkler systems.

The head ratchets back and forth spewing vomit in radial arcs.

Oozing mucus from every other orifice.

The odd thing is that the disgustipating BY-PRODUCT weighs more and is of greater mass than their entire body.

What interdimensional quagmire of goo are they tapping into?



SallyP said...

P-tor is absolutely right. You have to watch out for those adorable toddlers, because they are walking cesspool of pestilence.

After summer vacation, they all get together again, and all the adults are sick until New Year's.

But I DO hope that you are all feeling better enough to stuff yourselves with turkey.

Anonymous said...

please god, tell me Lego is NOT making a hazmat team toy?!

word verify: suxbvgmd

the action of hosts stomach after placing ANY appendage in a public water closet

Anonymous said...

First off, it is, as mentioned, Playmobil Hazmat Team. They make everything. I've got the Playmobil Porta-potty, the Playmobil Traffic Cop with Radar gun (popular!!!), and, you know, cavemen, vikings, pirates and all that.

Secondly, nice burn, David. I'd been fearing you might get completely annihilated by the young turks verbal chicanery. Stay strong.

Anonymous said...

lego, playmobil, hasbro, whatever...

what's next playmobil HRT? NEST? Waste Treatment?

Anonymous said...

Inspired by the disease-ridden plight of the Campbell family (I hope you all bounce back soon), I started making a list of Nasty Comic Book Diseases. I know there are plenty more out there, but so far I've got:
1. The Legacy virus
2. The Transmode virus
3. S.T.O.R.M.S. (from TOP TEN)
4. Baron Strucker's Death Spore virus
5. Despotellis, the sentient disease in the Sinestro Corps
6. Whatever horrible crap Validus has

The Super-Soldier Serum was retconned as a virus since a drug would have metabolized out of Steve Rogers' system long ago, but it's the kind of thing that you'd want to catch--definitely not Nasty. I didn't count lycanthropy and vampirism either, because they aren't unique to comics. Ditto for zombie-type funk. And sorry jonhendry, but Tom Jones doesn't qualify either.

Teddy said...

Dave I expect more puking when you do ABC.

JonHendry said...

That'll teach you. A poopy CD player is not an appropriate toy for small children.

Anonymous said...

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