Wednesday, November 07, 2007

The Deathstroke Theme Song - not OK with pets

I've been thinking a lot about Deathstroke the Terminator lately. Just lying await at night, unable to sleep, staring at the ceiling and thinking about Deathstroke while Tangerine Dream music plays endlessly in my head. I have issues, what can I say?

Anyway, I've decided that Deathstroke needs a theme song - some short little ditty that plays when he strides into a room or busts through a skylight, guns blazing. I think it might sound a little something like this...

Shortly after my cat Po attacked me for waking her up, I tried the Deathstroke Theme on my dog Trixie, just to see what she thought...

Trixie savaged my left hand five seconds after that video was taken. Eleven stiches. Schipperkes are tough little sonsabitches, let me tell you.

It's hard living in a world of animals that don't appreciate my devotion to Deathstroke the Terminator. Damn, it's hard.


Ryan said...

Trixie the Fingerbiter
Coming After You!
Look Out!

Hilarious, Dave!

John said...

Trixie was right on cue. That bitch has a future in show business.

Mike Podgor said...

Indeed, the best part of the second clip was when Trixie barked.

Also, you have a lovely singing voice, Mister Campbell.

SRH said...

uh... why the hell am I leaving a comment? That was.. it was... something. it was definitely very something

Anonymous said...

Heh. Very something, indeed--kinda reminds me of '80s action cartoons, which is certainly not a bad thing. I always loved the cover art on issue #1--I think it was by Mike Zeck, if memory serves.

The first thing that popped into my head when you brought up a Deathstroke theme song was "Pure Massacre", which does pretty much describe Slade's work environment.

Anonymous said...

god bless the internet and people like you dave that can squeeze every last ounce of goodness out of it for the rest of us to enjoy! CLASSIC longbox.


Mikey said...

Mighty mighty droll.

I can imagine jack Black singing this when he stars in the Deathstroke movie, which he's bound to do as soon as he's finished raping my childhood with his Green Lantern flick

Anonymous said...

But did anyone notice that both pets have TWO eyes?


Jay Tea
Main Page Editor

(Verification word: "VWZSJ" -- Volkswagen's new sports car, as will be seen in the next James Bond movie)

Anonymous said...

Have you sung it to your kids? They're probably somewhat less likely to maul you afterward, though they'll likely be complaining about it to their therapists twenty years down the road

Anonymous said...

Your dog is friggin' ADORABLE!

Kitty, too... but the pup gets extra points for interaction (the bark, not the bite).


Also, nice to actually SEE the infamous LONG-BOXES of DAVE!


Teddy said...

Now if you can do something like that for, we're golden.

Anonymous said...

My dog is also named Trixie. She doesn't seem to mind my singing, especially if it is accompanied by belly rubs (for her).

Anonymous said...

I've had a hard time getting your wonderful theme out of my head, so I tried singing it to all my farm animals as I fed them this afternoon.

My research indicates that ducks should be your target demographic, with goose crossover appeal. Chickens didn't identify with the lyrics, and the high notes didn't agree with the dogs, the sheep, or the goat.

And the indoor cats gave me the same reaction yours did.

(I should mention that it's easier for me to make "AY-TOR!" the falsetto part, instead of just the "TOR!")

-Darth Krzysztof, Metal Sith Lord

Don Music said...

Trixie could be the next Ubu... "Sit, Trixie, sit. Good dog. Woof!"

Mister Sinister said...

I always figured it would be like ominous music like the kind that follows Max Cody from Cape Fear or the Spanish Inquisition!

apk said...

before i listened to your song, i was thinking about what it might sound like, now i can't stop hearing "Death-Stroke the Ter-min-AY-tor" instead of "Price-Line Neg-oti-AY-tor".

I'm going to have to blame you for this all day.

Anonymous said...

the second verse should begin with Wintergreeeen-theee manservantt Hell-Ping with the rest!!
(Non-Sequiter comment following)- By the way i think you should have a week dedicated to Per Degaton or Ultra humanite, im sure you have enough all star squadrons, justice society's in that long box of yours..Go Dave!

Shawn said...

Damn you, Dave! Now I'm going to have that song stuck in my head for a week.

Anonymous said...

Proving once again that idle hands really are the Devil's workshop, I had a little fun with the cover of Deathstroke #1.

Pj Perez said...

You are an insane person.

And I think I love you.

And Blogger's word verification images are conjured by sadistic fucks. Like the CIA.

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