Tuesday, June 13, 2006

No post for you, Dr. Jones!

Too busy, too busy! No time to post! No time! For long sentences!

Instead! Random pictures for you.

Too busy!

Geoff Johns' least successful new addition to Flash's Rogue's Gallery: Scary Hippy Roomate.

I feel like I may have posted this image before; perhaps it's because it's on my email auto-signature at work and I see it so frequently. Please forgive me if I have posted it before; I ultimately have only six archetypal jokes that I tell over and over again in slightly different form so it's of no surprise if this is a second appearance.

Anyway, 1981's Kill and Kill Again, the sequel to Kill or Be Killed, is (and I can say this with total confidence) the best South African martial arts movie ever made. Do yourself a favor and put that bad boy on your NetFlix list as soon as you get done with Karate Bear Fighter. You will thank me later.

Here's a real-life karate bear fighter! Sometimes bears win.

This is Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Off I go!

Busy busy busy.


Anonymous said...

Dave, I'm going to go out on a limb here and say that I would prefer you post nothing than post filler. See, I really dig your site and what you have to say. Yours is the only comic blog (other than Warren Ellis, which isn't always about comics) I feel I need to read. But when you post stuff like this, well, I just think it really dilutes your otherwise really good signal-to-noise ratio. I find your site really valuable - but filler only serves to cheapen it, IMO.

An avid reader,

Anonymous said...

1.) I disagree. Filler is awesome, and you can choose not to read it.

2.) It's not really our decision, is it?

McGone said...

If I may throw my two cents into the "Need a penny, take a penny; have a penny, leave a penny" tray...I will take Dave filler any day of the week.

My God, that sounds dirty now that typed it out.

But seriously, I have a fever and the only cure is more postings on Dave's Long Box. Dammit! That sounds gay too!

Maybe someone needs to market "I'm gay for Dave's Long Box" bumperstickers. But it has to be someone less hetero than me.

Even my verification zsexm is working against me here.

Edward Liu said...

In college, I got to train twice with Sensei Stan Schmidt, who shows up in Kill or Be Killed (not sure about the sequel) and is the highest ranked non-Japanese guy in the Japan Karate Association. He's an incredibly funny guy who has enough muscle control to just move his little toe. And to kick me between the legs fast enough that I couldn't even flinch, hard enough that I could feel it, but not hard enough to damage the family jewels.

The man is teh AW3S0M3. It was a real laugh to see him playing up the whole "mysterious karate sensei" in KobK, spouting all these fortune cookie maxims.

Anonymous said...

I agree that Kill and Kill Again is a fine chunk o' chopsocky.

Gerry Alanguilan said...

I have fond memories of that Kill and Kill Again movie. My dad brought home a betamax tape of it that he actually bought and we all watched it. Damn, I've never seen it mentioned anywhere except here since the 80's.

Anonymous said...

McGone - methinks you do protest too much.

Enough with this karate nonsense. I need to know more about "Scary Hippy Roommate!"

And what is Dave doing in Sao Paolo?

Evan Waters said...

The filler always seems like it takes as much time to put together as a normal post. I have to wonder how much energy you're really saving.

McGone said...


What was I protesting? I was declaring that I even appreciate the filler on The 'Box.

Anonymous said...

***Inserting tongue in cheek***

What? Filler?
Whip crack!
Dance, monkey, dance!

***Taking tongue out of cheek***

It's your Longbox, do what you want with it. Even your filler is killer, if it was it wasn't, then fuck it, it's not like your getting paid for this...

Anonymous said...

McG - I was just kidding you about your repeated proclamations of heterosexuality. "Not that there's anything wrong with that," as the old folks like to say.

Anonymous said...

Hey, Dave, if you ever come to Porto Alegre, in southern Brazil, I invite you for one or two beers.

Alex Marias said...

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