Thursday, May 18, 2006

Hiatus Week has a splinter! Oww!

Spider-Woman investigates a rash of cat murders on a college campus and faces off against a bloodthirsty werewolf! Can she stop the beast before it kills yet another cat?


zailo said...

Keep 'em comin' Dave!

Anonymous said...

Again, it's the expressions that get me.

Look at the close-up of the cat's face (the LIVE one, not the skeleton).

Bewilderment and helplessness in the face of sheer confounding "bizarritude".

Oh, and WHY does Spider-Woman have a BULGE in her privates?

Is she hiding a pussy in there?



Chris Sims said...

I'd rather get this weekly than Bendis's Jessica Drew fan-fiction once a month.


Anonymous said...

If this is just what you get away with during the morning meeting, I think we need "A Day In The Life Of Dave Campbell."

Or "Doodles I Drew While On The Phone" Week.

Paul S. said...

But is that... Werewolf by Night?

Phil Looney said...

Dave - you should totally draw more. make a mini-comic for all your fans!

Marionette said...

I want to read the rest of this comic!

Progger said...
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Humphrey said...

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