Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Hiatus Week Begins!

I love theme weeks, so I think I will do a Hiatus Week!

As X-Men Week staggers gasping across the finish line, it's time for a little break from blogging. I've been hella busy recently and posting has suddenly changed from Fun to Work and that Sucks. I don't want the quality of the posts to slip below the current subterranean level, and who wants to read joyless hackery? Plus, I have a project I need to work on that could kick ass, but only if I give it some time and some Dave Love.

So I'll be taking a break for a week or so, but fear not! I'll be posting sketches that I've done in my notebooks during boring meetings at work (see below), so that may be amusing. That's what passes for content these days...

See you soon!


Anonymous said...

BOOOOOO-urns! This will only lead me to doing more work at work, which I simply do not believe in.

...come back soon!

Anonymous said...

"who wants to read joyless hackery?"

that depends: is it in continuity?

Anonymous said...

Yay homoerotic Daredevil sketches!

Bully said...

Enjoy your hiatus.

There's no better message to leave us with than GAMBIT SUCKS, so you've wrapped up X-Men fortnight and a few days admirably.

Anonymous said...

Did you hear that? That noise? I think the Internet just broke in half.

Anonymous said...

Haitus, huh?


Take a look at what DAVE's written above the DD sketch...
Countries -> Regions

What came after THAT, HUH DAVE?


Are you, DAVE, and whatever insidious mechagomanopolithic empire you're working for planning on...TAKING OVER the WORLD?

Oh! That's clever!
MANY an arch foe has tried to take over the world starting SMALL and working their way UP...but YOU...YOU have seen the flaw in that and have begun the "trickle down takeover".

DAMN you!
WE'll be so weak and clueless due to your being absent, we won't have a CLUE what to do!

WE'll look to DAVE for leadership, for DIRECTION, but you won't be here.
Instead, when we're broken, battered and bewildered, we'll gaze up at our tormentor's face...and it will be... YOU!!!!


y'know what?
You better take the hiatus.
That'll give ME time to to get my head together.
I think I'm losin' it.

Be well. (Mister Evil Overlord. Sir.)


Anonymous said...

Don't be too hasty, now -- the success of the Left Behind series suggests there's a huge market for joyless hackery.

Anonymous said...

Y'know, I think I saw Joyless Hackery live at the county fair. Enjoy your time off, and read some good comics while you're out! (Try B.P.R.D. or the current Punisher.)

Anonymous said...

Wow...I just hope this is nothing like the hiatus that Dreamworks Father of the Pride when Katzenberg putting you up to this?!

Anonymous said...

A need break I'm sure.

But right in the middle of all this Iron Spidey carwreck? Comedy be overflowing.

Kevin Church said...

Boy, Daredevil really hates blowjobs.

And I hate to be that guy, but my word verification is ggaykri. Make of this what you will.

Steve said...

'Tis indeed a sad day.

Now I might even be productive in my free time!

Mike Podgor said...

Dave, do you ever get caught sketching while you're supposed to be taking notes?

Chance said...

goody and jake saint are damn funny. they should temp for you.

Anonymous said...

Superman's cape is made of 100% polyester.

Anonymous said...

We're cool, Dave. Take a break, relax, indulge in some Secret Wars re-enactments (like this one here: you need to do.

zailo said...

"What came after THAT, HUH DAVE?


Then comes rooms?

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