Thursday, May 25, 2006

Hiatus Week found your cell phone

I drew a picture of the Hulk in an outhouse this morning in my check-in meeting, and I thought I would share it with you. Because I care.

Sorry about the poor image quality; our work scanner sucks it. You hear that, Facilities/Tech? Get down here and swap out this scanner so I can post stuff on my blog, damn it!*

*In the interest of self-preservation, I should say that the above paragraphs are untrue - I did not, nor will I ever use company resources for personal use. Thank you.


Anonymous said...

Dave, does your employer have any idea?

While I'm sure this isn't what you spend all day doing (okay, maybe I'm not so sure) I enjoy your drawings far more than I would probably enjoy spreadsheets indicating how many cases of item 642597 were shipped to Hong Kong. But maybe you don't work in International . . .


Harvey Jerkwater said...

If that were the cover to the latest issue of The Hulk, I would buy three copies.

For it rocketh. Hard.

gorjus said...

Oh, yeah--if you got Ladronn to draw that? People would call it holy.

Am I a bad person for liking Hiatus [Month]? Because Dave's art is as hilarious and clever as his writing (although NOTHING will ever replace the Velvet Marauder).

Anonymous said...

Is that kid with the baseball cap stifling a laugh or holding his nostrils shut?

I imagine eau de Hulk to be quite pungent. And green.

Anonymous said...

"I drew a picture of the Hulk in an outhouse this morning in my check-in meeting"

Am I the only person who wondered why your check-in meeting was in an outhouse?

Anonymous said...

"I drew a picture of the Hulk in an outhouse this morning in my check-in meeting"

Am I the only person who wondered why your check-in meeting was in an outhouse?

"Check-In Meeting" is now my new official euphemism for what used to be "dropping the kids off at the pool."

Word Verification: puvsx

The squeaky sound the kids heard that prompted them to open the door.

Anonymous said...

Dood, that kid is WAAAAY to excited about seeing the Hulk taking a crap.

And hey, portajohns smell like hell. God knows I've spent enough time in them. I can't believe the Hulk would take time to read the paper there while taking a gamma-irradiated dump. The smell alone would make him hella-mad, like circa-1985 mad, and he'd power lift the entire beach and toss it all the way to Utah.

Anonymous said...

"Is that kid with the baseball cap stifling a laugh or holding his nostrils shut?"

Ohgrl, that's the genius of this aren't quite sure.

Loving Hiatus Week, Dave. You should keep it going all month long!


Anonymous said...

Geez, I fear this makes me laugh far, far too much.

Anonymous said...

"Puny humans always laugh at Hulk. Hulk will light match! Like puny humans' smell like roses."

Harvey Jerkwater said...

Look out for the new miniseries HULK: The Befouling!

Be there for the first issue, as Stan Lee Proudly Presents: "When Poop The Mighty!"

Be sure to light a match, true believers!


The Comic Book Haters said...

THis reminds me of an old cover to the "Ben is Dead" fanzine. It was an '80s' retro issue, before that became par for the course.

It had the Hulk taking a dump on the cover, and you could see his green shlong rolling into the toilet. It was pretty disturbing.

Anonymous said...

Are those action lines coming from Hulk's crotch? Honestly, can't superheroes do anything without action lines appearing from the ether?

Bigseek said...

I remember an old Mad Magazine spoofing the Hulk tv show. In it Banner had to use a portajohn. Of course there were no TP to be found and he got very angry and well you know the rest...
The 12 year old me thought that was the funniest thing ever.

The 36 year old me thinks it's in the top 10 at least.

Anonymous said...

SNL did the Hulk-Crap too in the skit where Superman hosts a cocktail party. Everyone makes fun of Ant-Man for having crappy powers and then the Hulk (John Belushi) comes out of the crapper warning everyone not to go in there foor awhile. Then he hits on Lois Lane.

And as for that kid being "waaay too excited about seeing the Hulk taking a crap," let's face it--everyone gets to see the Hulk jumping around, destroying tanks and generally carrying on. Only a select few actually walk in on the big guy while he's squeezing out a kitty. Anyone would be excited (if not more than a bit horrified) at a find like that.

Phillip said...

Yeah, Ben Is Dead magazine had Hulk on the can in their "Retro Hell pt 3" issue. Like this, except he was wearing rainbow toe-socks. And he had six toes. And you could see his junk. And he was reading a copy of "Ben Is Dead" with Hulk on the cover.

In summary, thank you Dave for going in another direction, creatively.

J'onn J'onzz, Martian Manhunter said...

You do realize "Haitus Week" has been going on three weeks don't you?

Tim Easy said...


word verification "ylorzb"
(the sound of Hulk's stool plummeting down into the outhouse cesspool)

Anonymous said...

This reminds me of the retardedly funny issue of Hulk.
Rhino is on the street because he's slow as molasses & is covered in rhino-skin. Some niceguys hire him as a Mall Santa
Hulk is there & sees the Rhino.
Rhino is tarded and starts to say tarded things like
"How come I let you get what you want for Christmas. I WANT A PONY!"
or something.
Either way, Banner runs past a dude into a stall & the dudes banging on the door and cussin' him out cause he really needs to go. Banner hulks out & says "It's all yours, buddy" or something similar

The two fight semi-interestingly until a happywoman interrupts them with a tray of cookies to quell the battle of large peoples.
Brief pause.
Rhino asks if there are macadamia nuts. There are. Rhino HATES Macadamia Nuts and continues his rampage.
The fight is abruptly stopped by Cute Widdle Susie who asks why Huwk is fighting Santa?
"He was being naughtly and...we...uh...were gonna be nice now."
They stop fighting. Rhino is fired anyway but I guess they pay him in simple toys or booze. Hulk hits on Susie's mom. END

verif: juvznxh
The place that all good Cthulu's go to when they get older.