Thursday, February 07, 2008

Live from L.A. is now, um... live

OK, so my new blog "Live from L.A." over at is up and running. Come stop by and take a look, won't you? You should feel right at home - in my first week I managed to reference Thunderdome, Gary Busey, and Ted Nugent. And they haven't fired me yet!

Plus, come on: haven't you always really wondered what I thought of Supernanny and Cashmere Mafia? Hop over and have a cocktail power-up with Lucy Liu and the girls!


Anonymous said...

Nice new blog; way to get paid for blogging! Perhaps you can parlay that into a hugely successful writing career, a la John Scalzi.

I likes the new picture, too: Mentok the Mind-Taker. Because Mentok wills it so!

I'd sign in on some sort of ID thing so as not to be Anonymous, but I'm way too lazy. Plus, I'm at work. Sorry.

Jon Maki said...

Your new gig looks pretty cool. Congrats!
Now if only I actually watched anything on ABC...
(For the record, if/when Pushing Daisies returns, I'm so there.)

Eric said...

Are you allowed to comment on shows that, y'know, don't suck?

Pj Perez said...

Too ... much ... TV ...

New blog looks interesting. If I was, like, into TV, I'd read it. But all I could digest was something about George Michael and The Nuge. Garrble bgrabble gruble

Anonymous said...

It -is- a nice new blog, Dave. Mind you, we'd esteem it a king-sized favour if you didn't stop reviewing the comics here.

Plus, is that a picture of you there at the top of the page? I thought you were chubbier, balder, and less bearded. Last time I bother with semi-researched prejudice.

Anonymous said...

Caption for the photo:

"Lucy Liu . . .toasting me!!"

Anonymous said...

anonymous #1, that's not Mentok, that's Lord Xavier Hellfist, Master of the Brown Dragon Force.

Congrats once again on the new gig, Dave. But I don't think I even watch any ABC shows. I barely watch TV. I'm like dead to you now.

Jon the Intergalactic Gladiator said...

Sweet gig, Dave. And your Write Fu is awesome.

Jason said...

Very nice Mr. Campbell. I look forward to adding it to my daily time-wasting retinue.

Now that you seem to have the mass-media-bully-pulpit, when do you plan to launch your counter-attack on The ISB's many shots at you?

K. D. Bryan said...

Congrats! I look forward to your thoughts on Pushing Daisies and Samantha Who? (that one's on ABC, right?).

Jonathan said...


totally unrelated to this post, but I noticed the new picture of yourself looks like an ode to Count Dante (The DEADLIEST man Alive!).

pretty cool..

Anonymous said...

Dave, you're on the inside now so you can tell us the truth: There is only one episode of Extrememe Makeover: Home Edition, isn't there?

Anonymous said...

Ghostman - while I still think there's some Mentok in there (ooooEEEEooooo and all), it absolutely IS Hellfist. Thanks for linking him - I'd forgotten all about him in this age of StumbleUpon.
(anonymous who posted first again)

Anonymous said...

I just thought he was a particularly bald Shang-Chi

Anonymous said...

Dave Longbox: Congratulations, but please don't let this blog fade away due to your big-time gig. Sniffle.

Also, please sneak in as many non-sequitous comics references as you can get away with. Thank you.

Chris said...

Dave, is this your first endorsement deal now that you're an ABC Blog Star?

captain koma said...

Went to the blog.
I live in Australia fortunately we don't get AFV. But we are getting cashmere mafia. I don't watch the channel that has this show over here. Well except for the cricket.

Also three steps to log a comment on this blog. Ugh!

Made the rest of my thoughts on the live in LA blog.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

luci leu is my favorite actress she starred in charlies angels and rocked it

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

while reading an old post I discovered your Velvet Marauder


Readable superhero fiction is rare; good superhero fiction that keeps me reading all night is mondo-rare!

Please keep it up. I'd pay to read that good stuff.

Unknown said...

I'm going to say it if no one else will.

"Why you no post, Dave Campbell?"

Anonymous said...

"Why you no post, Dave Campbell?"

(Yeah, we know why, it's the new job. But this amuses me.)

Anonymous said...

Alas, Dave's Long Box is no more

I shall mis thee

Word Verification


the odd yelping sound you make when you realize your favorite comics blogger has betrayed the faithful and become ... gasp ... a corporate stooge.

The horror, the horror.

I'm off to sacrifice my copy of Suicide Squad #1 in an attempt to right this bizarro universe.

Curse you, Dave Campbell, Lord Xavier Hellfist shall hear of this outrage!!! (Picture me in the classic Lorne Green, Battlestar Galactica death pose)

Dean said...

Dave has gone Hollywood on us! I bet he's so busy watching Extreme Wife Swap and Immaculately Coiffed Lawyer Show that he's forgotten the Suicide Squad's existence.
John Ostrander just shed a tear, and doesn't know why.

Anonymous said...

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