Tuesday, September 11, 2007

...aaand we're back.

OK, we're back. At my place of work, we have to use up all our vacation time before the end of the fiscal year in October. As a result, half the corporate headquarters packs up and leaves in September to burn off those extra vacation hours, and I am no exception. What have I been doing? Nothin'.

However, at the end of the month my pal Bob and I have yet another Epic Quest planned that should meet or surpass the level of radness of all previous Epic Quests. And that's saying something, since last time we were almost killed by a bear. All I can say right now is that it involves ghost towns, slat flats, and the film Megaforce.

Attached is a clip from the 70's martial arts epic Crippled Masters. Thanks to pal Kevin for the link.

Did everyone see that Iron Man trailer? Did everyone FREAK OUT at its awesomeness? I know I did.

More soon.


Anonymous said...


Matt Chaput said...

Isn't it weird that the Iron Man movie is coming together now that Iron Man is more or less a bad guy? (Not to Bendis, I guess, but... isn't he on the side that killed Captain America? I don't know, I didn't read it.)

Is now the time for a Republican military-industrial complex based hero? Is he going to go back to Iraq and use the Iron Man suit to solve sectarian violence? Or restore infrastructure and stability through the use of repulsor beams? Is making Halliburton money on this deal?

Downey Jr. does seem really funny in it, tho...

Arkonbey said...

I think it's perfect that we're mired in a war that has insurgent warlords capable of kidnapping prominent foreign businessmen so that the film can get the Tony Stark/ Iron Man origin correct.

Just one more way of comparing the current conflict to Vietnam...

Anonymous said...

Wow! Great Clip!
I love how they're getting their asses kicked individually until they join forces and form Voltron.

spacekicker said...

I have to keep watching the trailer thinking...it can't be true...IT CAN'T BEEEE!!

I wonder if that means they are going to make stark likeable in the comics again

Chris said...

For the record, ever since I saw the trailer I've had to change my shorts roughly once an hour.

It's that good. And I've been waiting for this movie for roughly 20 years.

Unknown said...

I was just stopping by to ask "Why you no post, Dave Campbell?"

It's pretty great. Who knew Downey could make for such a likeable capitalist schweinhund.

Anonymous said...

Hey Dave, I found a site that lets you download comics for free, all legit. http://www.wowio.com/ Thought you might appreciate that. Damn, I sound like an advertisement, don't I?

Anonymous said...

Now THAT's what Black Belt Theater is all about.

Anonymous said...

In that trailer, Robert Downey Jr embodies everything I love about Tony Stark.

Anonymous said...

Y'know, after watching that clip from Crippled Masters, the green-screen work from Forrest Gump doesn't look all that impressive.

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