Friday, August 03, 2007

Friday Night Fights: Total Makeover, Duchess-Style

Bahlactus commands, and I obey: it's time for another Suicide Squad Week version of Friday Night Fights, the blog meme that asks: when is violence acceptable? Answer: Friday Night!

In Suicide Squad #18, Duchess, the butch beauty from Apokolips, goes up against The Jihad's Manticore II, who has a tail. Duchess likes the tail. She wants the tail. Duchess rips the tail off of Manticore's butt. She beats him with his own tail and spine. The end.


Anonymous said...

I'd marry that woman.

Pierre-Luc Gagné said...

I'd marry that woman IF I HAD A TAIL !

Mister Sinister said...

I wouldn't. Shed rip my spin out & beat me w/ it!

That's Bahlactus Battle like it should be. Beating someone w/ there own dismembered spine!

Matt Chaput said...

Doesn't have to be a tail... I'm sure she'd rip anything handy off your body and beat you to death with it.

Anonymous said...

Hey, I have a question - I only caught the first half dozen or so issues of the Squad when it first came out, which were outstanding. Everything I've seen on here from the book in the last week has been simply brilliant. Was there ever a bad issue? And is there a trade colection of this run?



Jacob T. Levy said...

The Dr. Light issue wasn't up to the quality of the rest, though it was funny (and was a perfectly good explanation for Light being an incompetent clod that didn't involve mind control and his taste for rape).

Anonymous said...

Like any series, Suicide Squad had its high and low points (for examples, I was never a big fan of the 'William Hell' issue (#4), or the Suicide Squad/Doom Patrol Special), but with John Ostrander writing the entire run, even the low points were higher than some series' high points. It says a lot about the skill of the writer when you care as much about the "normal" non-powered characters as you do about the people in costume. As much as I enjoy Amazons beating people to death with their own tails, I'd also gladly read a monthly comic about Father Craemer or Simon LaGrieve.

Anonymous said...

I can't quite put my finger on it, but there's something about Duchess that seems really at home with lashing people with stuff. I wonder . . .

Anonymous said...

Immediately before that scene, Manticore had just said, "I got your Mega-Rod right here!"

Anonymous said...

Testing from Korea, looking out for suspicious tails.

Anonymous said...

Like any series, Suicide Squad had its high and low points (for examples, I was never a big fan of the 'William Hell' issue (#4), or the Suicide Squad/Doom Patrol Special).... -- Ghostman

You're absolutely right that those issues weren't the standard by which to judge the series, but they certainly contained interesting material.

In #4, the Squad had to put down race riots in, of all freaking places, the slums of Central City. Up until that issue, Central City was the most whitebread, tranquil, and downright non-threatening burg in the DCU; even the town's deadliest villains--the Rogues' Gallery, natch--were (at the time) relatively harmless. I marveled at the fact that there were actually non-Anglos in Central City (the only ones I recall from all my years of Flash-fandom were a black father and son in Flash #282), and the further existence of urban blight just blew my little mind.

And I had to have been reading too much into it at the time, but I took the Suicide Squad/Doom Patrol Special to be a comic-booky jab at the hopelessness of US involvement in South America, as wasn't Ollie North all the rage at the time? Furthermore, that issue really stuck with me because it contained the one mission where no one was left unscathed--the Thinker, the Weasel, Psi, and Mr. 104 lost their lives, and Rick Flagg was dumped with even more guilt and baggage that lead to his eventual implosion.

I couldn't agree more with your statement that "even the low points were higher than some series' high points."

Mister Sinister said...

The only thing better is when Clock King, & Big Sir, which are described as simply a dumbass w/ a clock mask & a big tard w/ a mace, died. They got killed somehow. So did Blockbuster, another gigante tard. None of the insanely large people near the Suicide Squad survive.
Cluemaster almost died. Damn he didnt

Anonymous said...

Clock King & Big Sir both died in a semi-interesting manner.
A group of terrorists genetically created bombs that happen to look exactly like children.
...Obvious reaction to that from Big Sir. Everyone else dies in ensuing fire except Cluemaster who is instead horribly scarred.

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