Thursday, March 15, 2007

Register Now, America!

"Hey! You mixed your social commentary in my comedy!"

"No, you got your comedy stuck in my social commentary."

"Wait - it tastes great!"

Crazy-ass Shane Bailey over at Near Mint Heroes has created, through the magic of computers, a brilliant series of WWII-style propaganda posters that reflect the current draconian state of civil affairs in the Marvel Universe.

Go check it out.


Hate Filled Poster said...

My crazy-ass thanks you for the link.

I plan on making more of these when time permits.

Anonymous said...

Awesomely funny stuff. By the way shane, I linked to your work on the PA forums and you might like to see the posert someone suggested as a good Beta Ray Bill one:

Hate Filled Poster said...

Cool, hopefully my site can stand up to Penny Arcade Forum scrutiny. I figured that Union Jack might get me in trouble. That's a good replacement poster. I plan on doing more so stay tuned, I might throw that one in there.

Thats a great idea guy said...

I call shenanigans!
This is relevent content! What gives?

Anonymous said...



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