Monday, November 06, 2006

What is Guy Gardner saying?

Before I went on vacation, at the throbbing climax of Guy Gardner Week, I challenged Dave's Long Box readers to come up with some clever dialogue (or cheap inuendo and fart jokes) for a panel featuring DC's Guy Gardner and Mister Miracle. Art by Kevin Maguire, BTW. The results were just as I had hoped: juvenille and amusing.
Let's review the entries and determine who gets a free stereo!*
Chris Cloke goes for the Jugg-ular with the panel below. Man, I kill me.

JYD's Guy has some devastating sartorial comments for Mister Miracle:

I'm with The Myst on this one, Miracle really does look like Kelsey Grammer:

Dan R's works on several levels:

Martin A goes for the reliable fart-in-elevator gag.

Ohgrl joins the flatulent fun:

Ed lets the sound effects do the talking:

McGone gets pop cultural on your ass:

Rachelle introduces the concept of the Red and Yellow Face League. I would so buy that comic:

Winterteeth takes the low road, and God bless him for it. I'm surprised nobody submitted a "mother box" joke:

Corey Bond not only has an amusing entry, he also has the prettiest:

Thedeadpenguin ponders the mysteries of warrior women from Apokolips:

Aldonova gets retro:

Angus McAwesome goes awesomely off-course and scans other panels from the same comic:

Koala Mentala gets the proverbial grand prize for this colorful and insane entry! Koala, email me with your address and I shall send you an official Dave's Long Box Uncanny Un-Prize!

Thanks to everybody who sent something in! I hope you all did these while you were at work.

*I am lying. There is no stereo.


Jon the Intergalactic Gladiator said...

That... was... AWESOME!!1!!

rachelle said...

I did mine at work!

It was an honour to take part in such a historic challenge.

Koala Mentala said...

Winning is so sweet. And I did do mine at work. It's important work, too.

Anonymous said...

I am so proud to be among those to whom "fart joke" immediately leapt to mind. And I'm even prouder to have done it all on company time. Thanks Governator!

McGone said...

Congratulations to Koala Mentala and all my fellow runners-up... we all apparently get paid to screw around.

That was fun... let's do it again, Uncle Dave! Can we? Can we do it again?

Anonymous said...

Those other panels Mr. McAwesome* posted? That last one of Guy grinning that massively shit-eating grin? I do believe I'd climb the nearest tree if someone walked up to me and grinned like that. That's not a grin to trust.

Another stroke...some of the jokes this week, along with the "warrior celebration" going on over in "Secret Six"** has gotten me to re-evaluate some of those "cute domestic scenes" featuring Mr. Miracle and Barda in those early, most awesome JLI issues. That quaint, seemingly normal suburban home with the basement off-limits to guests, but they're such a pleasent couple...

* My goal in life is to now find myself in a situation wherein I can call someone "Mr. McAwesome" because that is his name. I'll sell him a sandwhich or something. "Thank you, Mr. McAwesome, enjoy your jerk chicken and come again!" That would be so cool.

** Which I still don't get how anyone thought that'd work out well.

Anonymous said...

These panels were great! Made my Tuesday morning.

Way to be creative!

Your amigo,


SallyP said...

Oh, Dave, it WAS a delightful week wasn't it? Gosh I miss the old JLI. *sigh*

David Campbell said...

Beau Smith doesn't hate me! YAY!

Anonymous said...

Ten demerits for all contestants who used friggin' COMIC SANS when has plenty of free fonts to be used. . . ::sigh::

Chris Arndt said...

way to make others do your work for you.

that's right. I am cranky.

and I bite.

Gavin said...

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