Wednesday, January 18, 2006

The Hazards of Blogging While Sleep-Deprived

had a little baby, Thasbnks for all the nice comments and stiuff, veryu nice. Still blkogging like a motherfucker thought, even though no sleep. Sleeep. Two litttle girls, lots of diapsers and pooo - poo can;ts stop me! HA HA HA! Im, poo lord! Lord of the Poo like Michael Flately

Her;s Mindhunter, a dark horse comic starrring The darkeness and Withcboob and ALiens and Predatorr and Emeril Lagfasse. Ba,m@ He;s going to crank it up a notch ha HA ha ha ! Wee!

There;'s lot s of boobs and stuff and ass0-pshots as Withcblade teams uyp with Darkness guy and goes into space to fight bad guys and alens and predatrors and shit. Memo to SDark Horse: strop wioth the liocensed comcis. nuff already. Let it gfo dudeds

Looky here at this panels theres a dirty word sorry abotu the sloppy scanning

Stropry involves psuchic guy whose fucking with poeples heads and a female predator and aleins and witch blade;s ass. Lots or boobs in this one doesn;t shje gfet cold. My daighter Mirea would like thgose boobs although they lkook fake to me.,

He ha ha tlook at the deude pioking Im so tired

So tirded

must sleeepo

must change diaper



HA HA ha


help me

cutre lutttle girl thouygh

thnaks for all the nice comments




Anonymous said...

Ah, he's all tuckered out.
(An aside that won't matter to anyone that doesn't have kids: my son Charlie was like a month and a half premature, so he had to make up that time in womb detention, or the ICU. He was a little small for a bit but he came out of it. The upshot was, all that time at the hospital trained him really well, and he was sleeping through the night inside a month. Which means I dodged most of your punishment, Dave. Sorry.)

thekelvingreen said...

Is this a Newsarama post? Or a Wizard editorial?

zailo said...

That post makes absolute sense to me. But I've been up for 37 hours. And I'm frunk. I mean drunk.

James Meeley said...

"Is this a Newsarama post? Or a Wizard editorial?"


Is there really any difference between the two? ;)

NiolK said...

Class post, had me in stitches, good man. Just to surmise for those who haven't read this comic, it's complete shite. I thought so anyway. Absolute bollocks.

Shon Richards said...

What's sad is that Dave's sleep deprived post still has less typing errors than half the blogs I've read.

Dave you need to get a nanny or Super-Baby-sitter! In all of comicdom, who's the best sitter for your kids?

Bully said...

That's the sort of night I had when I was too excited to sleep waiting for ALL-STAR SUPERMAN #1.

Except without quite so much poo.

kyyle23 said...

You know Dave, if you are going to talk about how great Witchblades boobs are and how the comic uses them gratuitously, you should at least give us the readers a glimpse of what you are talking about. Its only fair. I think you are breaking some "Boob War(tm)" rules of engagement. You may be punished by more diapers in the foreseeable future.

Jake said...

Last year, when my son was about three or four months old, I was reading an article about the complaints against the Abu Ghreb and Gitmo guards and what constituted "torture."

I quickly realized if I made a suspected Al Qaeda live my life, I'd have Amnesty International kicking my door in. Sleep deprivation, periods of silence continually interupted by high-pitched screaming and really loud musical/talking toys, and the feces... oh, the feces! Add to that my son's new fondness of punching me in the face while I sleep and of dropping onto my jaw with his head (kind of like King Harley Race) and all I'm missing is genital electrocution.

Edward Liu said...

Jake says: "...all I'm missing is genital electrocution."

"Well, I wouldn't exactly say I've been MISSING it, Bob."

And I'd hold off on that last statement of yours, if nothing else because kids are creative creatures and God has a wicked sense of humor.

I nearly had to navigate off this post at work. I should really know better than to read DLB in the office by now.

Kevin Church said...

Man, Dave. That's the most sense you've ever made.

Anonymous said...

When the going gets tough, just be glad that your wife didn't have twins, triplets, or worse.

A friend of mine had twins when her first child was only 2. Lots o' diapers at their house!

Scipio said...


Anonymous said...

We must dispatch someone to euthanize Dave. The Dave we all knew and read wouldn't have wanted to live this way, as a mindless poo changing machine.
He never exactly said it, but if you read between the lines it's there somewhere, possibly in his savage takedown of Unus the Untouchable.

bostonpenguincat said...

Man, that cat must crap alot....
Oh wait. Poo not Po.

Congrats Dave.

Mister Sinister said...

The Predator is checkin her out



Bomb Qincade-

arch rival of my attorney at law

Anonymous said...

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