Thursday, March 31, 2005


The costumed superhero, like jazz, is a uniquely American contribution to the global culture. Superman, the father of superheroes, is an enduring and iconic figure around the world – except for those poor brainwashed bastards in North Korea.

This blog modestly attempts to provide the reader with an overview of the American superhero comic, using examples culled from my vast but myopic comic book collection. Is this an exhaustive work? No. Is it exhausting? Certainly. A scholar of comics history would laugh at the glaring omissions in this volume. No Shazam? What about Will Eisner’s seminal comic The Spirit? I would then punch the scholar of comics history in his fat belly. As I said, the examples used in this work come from my own collection, and as I don’t have a $400 copy of Tales To Astonish #1 or a number of other important works, there will be some big holes. Sue me.

Here’s how it works: I pull comics from my collection and comment on them. Each commentary may have some sort of information about the comic, its creators, or why I like it or hate it. I will often swear or make derogatory comments about the comic examples. I'm assuming the reader knows very little about the subject at hand, so don't get offended if my overview of say, Iron Man seems simplistic and patronizing. Please note that the examples given are NOT the best American superhero comics, they exist only to give the reader a greater understanding of the subject. There are a few truly awful comics in here.

I hope that you enjoy your foray with me into the world of American superhero comics. And please take care of the comics -- I want them back. They may suck, they may be goofy, they may be offensive, but they’re comics and I love them. I hope you will too.

Say no more!

-David Campbell


Anonymous said...

Good luck on your venture. I hope that it's an enjoyable journey for you. I'll follow along with great interest.

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