Wednesday, October 17, 2007

From the Department of Corrections: NEWSFLASH - Deathstroke has ONE EYE!

You may have noticed in my last post I talked a little bit about Deathstroke the Terminator, who I claim to be a "big fan" of. One could certainly question the depth of someone's devotion to Deathstroke if they were to write/utter the following statement:

I meant that he purposefully wears his one-eyed hood to handicap himself. Clearly that's not right. I mean, Deathstroke is wearing a frickin' eyepatch in the very issue I was writing about. I scanned the image above of shirtless, nippleless eye-patch wearing Deathstroke from the Turkish Bath scene in New Teen Titans #34. I'm telling you, those comic books had something for everybody.

Anyway, I feel shame so I had to you know, make a correction and shit. I mean, it's like, what was I thinking? Dude, he's Deathstroke - he has one eye. Like Nick Fury, his one eye thing is part of his schtick, his branding. Man, I'm slipping.

I don't know, I feel like an aging gunslinger or David Lee Roth or something. There's always some hot shit kid nipping at your heels, waiting for you to slip... And you always do...


acespot said...

I noticed the gaff, but figured you had just made a mistake. It's Deadshot who covers up one eye, and it's actually to give him better aim when shooting at range.
A one-eyed shot is typically more accurate than one made with both eyes wide open. You close one eye, and align the other one to the sight. THEN you shoot. So Deadshot's costume simplifies this by covering one eye to begin with.
Likewise, Deathstroke's impairment does not affect his shooting in the slightest.

ghostman said...

Heh. You're like the Waco Kid of comic book blogdom, and some little bastard just shot you in the ass.

Hopefully this'll cheer you up, though. And if not, I'm sure I have some breastage around here somewhere.

Chris said...

Mother of god, what kind of sissy pink drink is the 'Nator imbibing in that last panel?!?! Is that from his short stint on Sex and the City?

Sloth said...

Dave if you can get ahold of DC Special Series #1 it has the very first meeting between Batman and Kobra, and introduces Kobra's Lazarus Pit. Yes that's right his Lazarus Pit.

chad sexington said...

chris said...
Mother of god, what kind of sissy pink drink is the 'Nator imbibing in that last panel?!?! Is that from his short stint on Sex and the City?

I think that's a liqueur distilled from the tears (or possibly souls) of his victims and their loved ones, Chris.

Dean Trippe said...

I still like your idea. Maybe it can still be used somewhere or somehow. I wouldn't say he'd do this out of a fairness issue, though, but rather to make things interesting for himself.

Oracle said...

In the Sex & The City vein...notice how Deathstroke the Accessorizer coordinates his eyepatch coloring with his hair. Sweet!

Anonymous said...

Slade reminds me of Colonel Sanders, if Colonel Sanders was a bad-ass. Okay, more of a bad-ass. Like he lost his eye in a devastating fryer explosion, or while battling a vicious giant chicken like that one on Family Guy. One of the 11 herbs and spices is probably whoopass.

JG said...

No worries. We all make mistakes. Well, not Slade, but that's sorta his thing.

Anonymous said...

Matt Bird said...

Iron Angel from Dreadstar was a bad-ass who wore an eye-patch she didn't need. She even moved it back and forth from eye to eye on different days just to f--- with people.

My word verification is mrwaqgk. I shall take this as a sign. I shall become Mr. Waqgk.

Odo the Flatulent said...

"Mr. Waqgk" sounds like an alias the Penguin would use if he was traveling incognito.

Anonymous said...

I thought you were kidding, and didn't take your statement literally.

Rohan Williams said...

So, everybody's in on the joke, right? I mean, nobody seriously thinks Dave wasn't kidding in the first place, hence the hilarity of the 'correction' in the comments for the last post? Because it kinda sounds like some people do.Just checking.

Isaac said...

So, you know that painted comic book Kingdom Come? Is Magog the same guy as Deathstroke? They're missing the same eye, and they both use power staves. Magog looks to be around the right age. He doesn't have the suave beard, though.

I can't figure out why else Deathstroke would never even get referenced in such a Where's-Waldo type of book.

drmanbot said...

I think Dave is yanking our collective chains, but that's fine because it is teh funny. NOBODY who can put together a S.H.I.E.L.D slideshow presentation with all dem little eypatches is going to forget the fact that Mr. "I make stabby" has one peeper.

Side topic- was anybody else as creeped out as I was when they found out that Slade was getting busy with Terra?

acespot said...

Jarlaxle switches his eyepatch from eye to eye just to fuck with people, too.

Haerandir said...

Yes, Drmanbot, I remember feeling distinctly queasy when I read that comic, too. And I was 10 at the time.

Anonymous said...

Hell yes it's creepy. So approximately how old was Terra supposed to be at the time? Is Slade's motto "If there's grass on the field, play ball" or what?

Son of Blog-El said...

Actually Dave, I was taking it a different way. In the NTT Annual that wrapped up the Terra storyline, his wife is telling Dick Grayson about Slade and she tells him that she shot out his eye in her attempt to kill him. Dick then replies, "So he is a master assasin who is so good that he advertises his "handicap". At that time, no one knew Terminator's identity or that he was blind. Hope that helps.

David Campbell said...

Actually, I hate to admit this, but I really did forget about his eyepatch. Whichever way you want to interpret it is fine by me, though. Maybe I'm STILL joking about it... Or not.

Harvey Jerkwater said...

The missing eye is proof of Deathstroke's badassery. He has that "regeneration" power, like Wolverine. He can recover from injury super-quick-like.

You know why he never recovered the eye he lost, despite his soopa-doopa healing powers?

Because he doesn't need to. He could grow it back, but dammit, he doesn't feel like it. He doesn't need depth perception to kill everyone! Ha! Keeping that other eye fried is his show of contempt for the world! Giving Slade Wilson stereoscopic vision would simply be too unfair.

He is the Chuck Norris of the DCU.

Trevor said...
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