Friday, March 02, 2007

This is brilliant and I want more, please

We interrupt Relevant Content Week to point out some radness going on over at Eric Poulten's blog: Steampunk Star Wars.
Go check out Eric's brilliant illustrations and ideas for a retro-tech version of classic Star Wars.
Phlogisabres? Mr. Chewbacca? I am sold.


Anonymous said...

"You've not heard of the [i]Millenium Falcon[/i]? Cor, she made th' Kessel Run in but 12 parsecs. God's my witness, she'll make 125 knots in thick ether."

Lovely drawrings, those.

Anonymous said...

Hey Dave, I wanted to include you in a little on going project I have but I have no idea how to e-mail you.

Help me!

David Campbell said...

hey bent, I just put my email back in My Profile. I hadn't realized it had vanished.

Anonymous said...

Cool blog for sure, which leads to other cool blogs and incredible artwork.

Sina said...

Looks dumb, ie: like it has nothing to say, n' i'm not going to click on that link :/