Monday, July 23, 2007

Welcome to Suicide Squad Week

To prove I have no dignity, here's an awkward VIDEO INTRO to our next theme week here at Dave's Long Box. Yes, this week we're going to lavish praise upon one of my favorite comic books of all time ever ever: Suicide Squad.

( Special thanks to my homey Brandon Mosby for shooting and cutting the video. )


Philip Looney said...

I am extremely excited about this! Suicide Squad had characters that died, and it MEANT SOMETHING.

Chris said...

Alright, Suicide Squad week! That means we'll be hearing about Suicide Squad through, like, the middle of August!

p.s. What is that helmet that you put on at the end?

Eric said...

Can next week be Suicide Squid week?

(Anyone here that old?)

Anonymous said...

I am so stoked!

Mike Koehler, OKC said...

This is where we learn that writing funny is much, much different than saying funny.

Bill said...

Damn, I had my heart set on Horny Biker Slut week.

Filthy McMonkey said...

Well, deaths that meant something until they showed us that Rick Flag, whose death was the most meaningful and dramatic of the whole series, didn't actually die after all.

As much as I love John Ostrander, I'm skeptical that he can come up with an adequate explanation.

But I'll sure as hell buy the new Mini to find out.


Chris Arndt said...

the facial expressions are great.

The comment about Rick Flagg was priceless. The Deadshot one was ehhhh.

and I never thought the "internets" gag was ever funny. in the least. It always sounded, out of all the jokes in America, like the joke that someone was trying to steal from someone one else, possibly in reference to a President, but which I wouldn't know, because if it had a source I missed it.

Suicide Squad was a great comic and it amuses me greatly that you refer to the eighties as the Golden Age of comics, as any loyal reader of Spider-Man would and should disagree.

Then again, no five loyal readers of Spider-Man should agree on the Golden Age of Spider-Man comics.

beta ray steve said...

It was everything you could ever want from an intro to Suicide Squad week... and more!

David Campbell said...

I think it's painfully awkward and unfunny, but I'm all about content, not quality, and I have no sense of shame.

I sound like a talk show host. Why am I talking like that? And why do I keep looking at my notes so much? Could I be any balder? These are questions the video raises, but does not answer.

Michael said...

Another question that has no answer is where the hell did you get an Airwolf helmet?

Ah, poor Briscoe and Sheba. Doomed to the firepits of Apocolypse. Oh, wait. Does that need a spoiler tag?

Nemesis. Bronze Tiger. Boomer-butt. Duchess. That big, and awesome, crossover with Checkmate. Good times.

hydrogenguy said...

That was the best internet video I've seen all week, Dave Campbell. Well done!

My favorite bit - aside from the bit with the helmet - was how the way you turned to face the camera didn't quite sync up with the changes in camera angles.

Seriously, you must do more of these.

ghostman said...

Was that a rodent I saw in the corner of the picture at one point? (No, seriously, I hope the rat problem is getting under control.)

Suicide Squad=awesomeness. And if you need any photo reference, Dave, I'll be your Huckleberry. I've already got the whole series saved on my hard drive.

Anonymous said...

Is that fuckin' Burt Reynolds on the wall behind you?

Rande said...

I am utterly and completely flummoxed by how masculine and regular-guy you sound. You sound like the guy on the audio tours of midwestern museums nobody's ever heard of.


McGone said...

I wish you sold Ronco products on TV at 3:00 in the morning. Look into that as an exciting new career option, Mr. Campbell.

Edward Liu said...

Can next week be Suicide Squid week?

(Anyone here that old?)

Honestly, I'm surprised nobody's started up a Suicide Squid weblog. I guess the people who would either gave up comics a long time ago in disgust or are old fogie technical luddites still posting on rec.arts.comics.* instead of those newfangled weblog things.

(Short answer to your question: yes. Sadly.)

Eric said...

edward - the shame is, he doesn't even have a decent Wikipedia entry, just a section of the entry on the Squiddies.

How will future generations learn of the evil Dr. Calamari?

Jonathan Miller said...

"The seeds of crime bear bitter seaweed..."

(Yeah, I'm that old too.)

paintboy_49 said...

That's really immensely better than your Red Plaid Shirt video.

Mister Sinister said...

What about Slipknot, Cap Boom, Nightshade, Bronze Tiger, & the easily killed Mindboggler, oh and Enchantress? They all kick ass except for the obvious Slipknot, Cap Boom, & Mindboggler

Anonymous said...

Sir, you have answered one man's humble dreams. Can I get a fuck yeah?!?!?!?!

Salo said...

Cool video, I had lots of fun watching it!

Thats a great idea guy said...

Dave should get Katie Couric's Job.


Dar-EL said...

Can next week be Suicide Squad week? This week's no good for me.

Anonymous said...

It says a lot about me that I was momentarily convinced that the covering on the table was printed with the words "Lusta Rica".

Bruce said...

You mean you really don’t sound like a game-show host? I’d like to think that’s the way to talk all the time.

Oh and two words: cue cards.

Matt said...

That's the funniest fucking video I've ever seen, and I've seen Just For Laughs.

spacekicker said...

where the crap did you get that helmet!!?!?

Martin Wisse said...

Ach, the Suicide Squid archives have disappeared from the net, but at least somebody wrote the Calamari Kid up for RPG usage

Chris Arndt said...

The ghost of my dead cocker spaniel should have Katie Couric's job.

Steven Taylor said...

The Airwolf music made it all worthwhile.

More please.

DaveO said...

That Vid was totally AIRWOLF!!

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