Monday, April 16, 2007

Chintoo Candy presents the Baddest Mother$%#*@% in Bollywood

Sorry, we're going to stray off-topic for a minute. I was up late last night hunting for a W2 form and I'm too beat to talk about comics, so look! Another cheap-o link post.

I know exactly nothing about the film this video comes from. Clearly it's a Bollywood blockbuster powered by the high-voltage charisma and awesomeness of its star, Lucky Ali. Clearly the film is populated by Lucky Ali and by people who are in total awe of Lucky Ali. Clearly the video is brought to us by Chintoo candy. Beyond that I know nothing.

Take a look at the video:

Lucky Ali must have Starfox-like pheremone powers or he's Count Dracula in disguise or something, because he has got these people in his sway big time. Everyone in the room is totally on his dick, as they say. They just stare spellbound like Richard Dreyfuss at the end of Close Encounters at the unearthly awesomeness that is Lucky Ali. Even Michael Medved cannot resist his mojo. The guys in the booth are so rapturous I'm surprised they can even hear the music.

The Violin Girl is driven to trembling tears just from standing so close to The Lucky Ali Effect. You gotta know it's probably not safe to stand that close to somebody bringing Teh Sexy like that, you can get Awesomeness Poisoning unless you work up an immunity. Sure enough, it's too much for her and she starts to lose her shit. She can't play the violin, she can't sing - she just stands there quivering and slowly losing control of her bladder. Sure enough, she bails and runs for the bathroom, crying.

Such is the power of The Lucky Ali Effect.

The other things I find charming about this video are the scrolling adverts and the crude pan & scan effect. The camera swerves and tracks frantically to keep the actors from this widescreen film in the center of the frame. It's fun and adds a weird topsy-turvy quality to the video, like they shot it on a rocking ship.

Back to comics next time, I swear.


Anonymous said...

Woah, I got kinda dizzy there at the halfway mark with all the swervey panning... Blech.

Anonymous said...

Is this from the Indian-made violin-and-singing-centered sequel to "You Got Served?" Because everyone not named Lucky Ali got fucking Served.

captain koma said...

We need to know which movie this is from....

beatzo said...

This is from a movie called "Sur: The Melody of Life".

Anonymous said...

I thought it was from the film, "Lucky Ali is Teh Shit LOL Suckas!"

Anonymous said...

The ONLY ones not totally hot for this guy are:

- the Producer (he seems lucid enough. The love of ca$h having taken compete hold over him, body and soul, long ago.)

- the boyfriend of the pwned violinist.
(She totally lost her shit, and then was smacked down by her idol, but the boyfriend only sees through the eyes of hate and jealousy).

It's like something out of Indian Star Trek.
Only negative emotions keep your mind clear.


Anonymous said...

I have the distinct impression that Lucky Ali is dying of throat cancer. Everyone's being nice to him because he's blowing out his vocal cords in this one last performance. Violin Girl is totally freaking out because she can't stand to stand that close to the tumor.

David Campbell said...

Ah! I read a synopsis of Sur that said that the girl is a protege of Lucky Ali, and he jacks one of her brilliant songs and passes it off as his own. So maybe this is the scene where Lucky Ali plays her song and her reaction isn't awe but rather outrage and hurt.

I still like the "it sucks not to be Lucky Ali" interpretation of this scene, however.

Anonymous said...

LMAO! That was hilarious. I like the part where he raises his right hand up like "I got this."

Richard said...

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