Thursday, July 28, 2005

Kobra Week! My scanner is busted!

Damn it, something's wrong with my scanner!

How can I continue to hail the King of Evil, Lord Naga-Naga, The Avatar of Chaos himself, without a scanner?

"Whaaat? Your ssscanner isss down? You foool!"

"Please, Lord Kobra - give me a moment to get it fixed so I can --"

"Your time hasss come, ssslave..."

"Wait a second, I just need to reinstall it or, or check the plugs or something..."

"Your excusssesss weary me, David. Ssstrangling or gasss?"

"Uhh... strangling, I guess."



Anonymous said...

Use DC++ , Dave.

Illegally download and share scans of comic books.

Let the American comic book industry dwindle.

Let the American fools sing their death song.

Usher in the age of violence and chaos that will come, the age to be known as Kali-Yuga.

You can be part of the future. Join us, Dave. Shed your old self, like a naja its skin.

Join us in file sharing ... oblivion.

David Campbell said...

That is both beautiful and sinister at the same time - JUST LIKE KOBRA!!!!

B2 said...

Nice close-up, anyway.

Winterteeth said...

Dave, I feel your pain. I had this friend who worked for Kobra one summer as an intern. One day, Kobra asked for some fresh decaf (because Caffeine makes Lord Naja feel "all jittery and weird") and my friend had forgotten to get more filters for the Mr. Koffee machine. Let me tell you, my friend has never walked straight since.

On the plus side, Kobra let him take a "Kali-Yuga 03" mug on his last day so it wasn't a completely bad experience.

Mark Fossen said...

That sucks, Dave.

Both on the scanner, and the whole death thing.

I am, however, looking forward to Kobra's Long Box.

Anonymous said...

Strangled by Kobra...what an honor! The only villain it'd be cooler to be strangled by is Thanos because he would do it with his mind.

Anonymous said...

Someone should get some Kali-Yuga '03 mugs made, through Cafepress or something.

Hail, Naja-Naja!

Anonymous said...

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